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Unfortunately, the warranty provider of my car recommended that I take it to this location (being that I live less than 2 miles from the service department) as the vehicle had an error code for a solenoid (drive train malfunction). Upon arriving at the dealership, On October October 25, 2018, the young lady that checked me in indicated that they would immediately take it to the service department and finish having the diagnostics completed and then they would relay the results to the warranty provider and see what they approved.

This was on a Thursday afternoon. On Monday, I got a little curious as to the status (as I had not heard anything from the service folks). I decided to contact them directly.

Upon contacting the service department, I was notified that my "advisor" had been released from service and that my car had not been addressed yet and that the warranty provider had not been contacted. This now starts the 14 day fiasco at Midtown BMW. Fiasco, is to say it politely.

I then contacted my warranty provider who indicated they had not been contacted of the vehicles status to date. After being directed to a second service advisor, of which did a good job , indicated it would be 2 days for the warranty inspector to arrive to evaluate the claims that NOW the oil pan was leaking at the seal, the timeline chain cover was seeping, the solenoid needed replaced to the tube of $3200. Rightfully so , the warranty provider wanted to perform an inspection. This would push the issue too Wednesday.

Once approved by the warranty provider, the Advantage Service team began to work. which was 1 calendar week (7 days) after I dropped the vehicle off.

Finally, on the following Monday I received a call regarding the vehicle. I was informed that the hub bolts were stripped and that " it wasn't them" (where I was asked if I had taken the wheels off the car for any reason. Yes - if I had removed them). Obviously, they indicated that they were stripped before they touched the wheel.

After arguing with the service advisor for a few minutes, he said he would talk with the service manager and get back to me. The service manager called back an indicated they would replace the hub but it would take a day or so for the part to come in.

Then, on Wednesday at 09:57 I was notified that they vehicle was put back together and that they were contacting the warranty provider for payment. At 1:03pm on November 7, 2018, I was delivered my car back. From October 25 thru November 7, 2018, the vehicle was in Advantage BMW Midtown's possession.

As I left the service area, I drove immediately home which is 16 blocks from the service department. I then parked my car, when into my residence to change clothes for a meeting. When I returned ~2 hr's later, the car would not start.

I immediately called Advantage BMW Midtown where they sent a loaner car and made arrangements for a tow truck to bring the vehicle back to the service department. Later in the afternoon, the verdict was that a radar detector , that was professionally installed 2 month prior, was causing the car not to start. Obviously, I was surprised to hear that. I was escorted to one of the "service department managers" who stated the same thing.

I left with the vehicle, when low and behold, there was an error code displayed on the dash and the radar detector was not operating as they unplugged it from the fuse box. When I returned, they took the car again, to clear the code, indicated that the battery was bad and they then went to change the battery ( which I don't think they did as they did not provide me with a receipt and there is not evidence that the bolts had been removed in the truck area cover/housing for the battery).

With all this said, I now have new scratches on the bumper of my car from an unknown origin, and am apprehensive to whether any of the service that was performed was as there is no evidence that the passenger side hub is in new condition.

Based off of this fiasco, I can only come to the conclusion that this service department is one of those that scams it's customers and attempts to leverage their "reputation" being a certified BMW service centers and prey's on customers that may not be mechanically inclined or say to these deceptive practices. As a consumer, I feel obligated to warn other potential customers of the possible fraudulent activities that occur at this service center.


The initial concern of the solenoid was a ~$300-$400 service. I was billed $3242.52. Absolute deceptive in practice.
Houston, TX
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Gave them a $1k deposit and signed a buyers order on Wednesday to buy a car bc I live in Fort Worth and I said I would be there Friday to get it. Negotiated my trade in and everything. Get a call Thursday night that they sold the car, and they were "changing" their deposit guidelines, obviously to their advantage. Then the general manager Philip wouldn't answer my calls. DO NOT do business with them, they are shady!!!
Arlington, TX
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
drove here for service from Cypress because the service has always been great, and I purchased my BMW from Advantage Midtown. However, after the past few visits I will not be returning. I made a Saturday morning appointment (HUGE MISTAKE) and my service advisor Jeff Rodgers had to reschedule me for a weekday afternoon because he was "too busy". I show up for the second appointment only to find my service advisor had never turned in my new appointment, and didn't come into work that day. Over the years I've brought my X3 in six times for the same issue (still hasn't been fixed) and they've recently denied my request for a goodwill repair on my glove box, that most other service centers will cover. My service advisor also lied to me about a "nationwide backorder" for the part in question, which I found at several other service centers and everywhere online... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
Cypress, TX
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I would highly discourage anyone needing to service a BMW from using Midtown BMW. They are not the only dealership with a service center in the Houston area (thank goodness for that) and I can assure you that the service you receive from Midtown BMW would be a frustrating disappointment. My most recent experience at the service center servicing a car I purchased from this dealership, was such an absolute joke it's hard to even paint a clear picture of just how terrible the customer service at this location is. After bringing my car in for an issue and being charged thousands of dollars worth of unnecessary parts and labor to "fix" the issue, I was told the car was repaired. On my way home from picking up my car at the service center the issue I brought the car in for was still very present and had not been fixed, and to make matters much worse the car completely died (which it has never done before). So the car was towed back to the service center and they claimed they looked at the car again and the issue was repaired because they couldn't find any problems with the car. So I picked the car up from the service center for a second time in one week, and again, on the way home it was clear the cars issues had not been fixed. So I took the car back to the service center for a third time, and asked to speak with a mechanic and he was able to diagnose the cars issues right away and said he could fix it in a couple hours. 4 days later the car was ready (I'm still not sure how something that I was told would take a couple hours took 4 days). On the way home from the service center for the 3rd time, the "check engine" light came on. The service agent refused to refund us any of the money for all of the parts we purchased the first time we brought the car in, which just blows my mind considering all of those parts didn't fix the problem and were completely unnecessary. So in a nutshell, the Midtown BMW service center is a complete and total rip off, with customer service agents who care nothing about customer service, and mechanics who apparently have a very difficult time repairing BMW's even though that is what the specialize in. I strongly suggested you save yourself time and money by having you BMW serviced anywhere but Midtown BMW.
Humble, TX