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On March 16th 2017, when I arrived to pick up our car I felt quite threatened as I was by myself and had several men swarm me like I was on Americas Most wanted and they were ready to pounce and apprehend me for reward money. I was watched by several men/employees and two rather large men literally blocked me from going toward either entrance/exit from the area where the service/parts counters are located in the building while being repeatedly asked if I had the keys to the loaner car! This kind of behavior is TOTALLY unacceptable! Not to mention HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL and was EXTREMELY UNNERVING/SCARY for me!
I was then led to the garage for paperwork etc. $600.+ later, I was then given my keys and led outside without confirming if the work I asked to be completed was completed. The young man then lead me outside, pointed out my car and went back inside. As I got into my car I noticed how all of the sudden, everything seemed eerily deserted. There was nobody to be seen & lights inside were turned off. When I started my car the noise was TERRIBLE!!! [As was the smell.] I noticed that my fuel light was still on even after being told the tech would put gas in it prior to test drive. We then noticed that the mileage had not changed at all, which is very odd considering the shops statement that after the tech had drove it around for "quite a while" and that he didn't notice anything regarding the issues discussed as to why we brought it in. The shop had also stated that the tech would test drive it again for further clarification as to what needed repair.
Also, when I brought the car in I had also requested that the "oil change for life" and the "free brake inspection" [with the certificate we received from AW Nissan] be done as well. These were also not completed. I also asked for a copy of paperwork I signed on 3/16/17 when I picked up my car as I was not allowed access/keys to my car until AFTER I paid and signed said paperwork but was not given time to read anything. I was told it was merely the receipt that I had picked up my car. I did not receive this either.
As I started to drive out of their parking lot, it was VERY APPARENT that whatever had been wrong with our car when we brought it into the shop for repairs, was NOT ADDRESSED - NOR REPAIRED! It was literally worse than when it was brought in! [ I started video recording as I left the parking lot.] The written estimate under tech notes, stated that the jerking/pulling, loss of power upon acceleration was due to the bushing in the control arm being broken apart. This was not even close. On Friday, March 17th 2017 [the following day] our Rogue [purchased from this dealership] broke down and will not "shift" into gear and is no longer drivable.
This in turn leads to another serious issue. Alan Webb Nissan took Federal Funds from a group who helps Disabled Veterans. It was explained that these funds are issued to the repair shop to make needed repairs as to ensure that the Veterans car would be repaired and returned as a safe, dependable, working vehicle. Alan Webb Nissan Service Department did not fulfill this obligation yet they DID did take the funds! We sent an email [demand letter] to 5 people at Alan Webb Nissan and got no reply. This is part of what we sent:

Give Alan Webb the chance to rectify the situation.
1. Tow auto back to shop
2. Complete requested services
3. Make any/all needed repairs in a timely manner.
4. Dealership provide one of their rentals for the Veteran. (As this Veteran is terminally ill and is currently undergoing several life sustaining medical treatments/procedures at this time)
5. Alan Webb Nissan fulfills said agreement at no further expense to the Veteran.

Today when we got no answer, my husband called & spoke with the GM Josh Kampmann. He stated that he had to "reread the email" & that they didn't want our car back at their shop!!
We had the car looked at by another mechanic & we now have a "TRUE" idea of the real problem but now we cant find a mechanic who will work on our car because they state that its Alan Webb's responsibility and that A.W. will try to come back & say they [the other mechanic] did something wrong. (This is what we have been told by 3 other mechanics.) This is only a small portion of our nightmare. We only want our car fixed properly and to be treated decently. If you have the opportunity to go somewhere else-DO SO!!!
Vancouver, WA
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Well say anything to get you in and out the door. Knowledge of the sales staff was unacceptable. Big mistake of buying here.
La Center, WA