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When you buy a used car from this dealer, be sure to check the car in excruciating detail, looking at every little thing. Be sure to check out the tires especially, take photos, and when you are filling out the paper work keep your eyes on what they are doing with the car!! When I bought my 2015 Kia Sorento from this dealer, the car was perfect during the test drive. Not a single noise was heard. The next day, when I drove the car for the first time and heard a noise from the tires, I realized that the original tires that I test drove with were changed, and in their place, ripped and worn tires were put! You should hear the sound these tires make- every time I drive it's like I am in an airplane. They are so dangerous with all those xxxxx! The dealer sellers do not think of your safety at all. I wrote them numerous times regarding this issue, and they never replied. They know what they have done. Look at the difference between the photos before and after I bought the car! If something happens to my child and pregnant wife, who should I hold responsible?? In addition to the problem with the tires: 2 lighters do not work the roof lamp does not work the left front AC vent is useless because it is missing its button The front window is not original Please click on this link to look at the photos .
South Bend, IN