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363 E Jericho Tpke
Huntington Station NY 11746

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1 Star Rating
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Do not buy and do not bring your car for service to Audi of Huntington. I purchased a 2015 TDI car that is now part of the emissions scandal. They sold it to me after the scandal became public knowledge and I unknowingly purchased it. I read another person's review saying that it takes 3-4 hours for a return call or 3-4 hours for service. well consider yourself lucky because my car has been at their service department for 3 weeks now, they have been uncommunicative, I'm always the one calling, leaving messages, getting no calls back. I've just been told to "sit tight" with the loaner which does not fit my family of 5. Just horrendous - I do not know how these people sleep at night. No morals or ethics. Really living up to the salesmen stereotype.
Huntington Station, NY
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Nobody ever answers the phone: you have to leave a voicemail and someone calls you back 4-5 hours later.
They never give loaner cars for anything: they say the procedure will take less than a hour: then they make you wait 3-4 hours for completion.
The service department is a unprofessional service: that will make me never buy audi again.
Any complaints to Audi corporate about this go completely ignored...
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
DO NOT SHOP AT THIS AUDI!!! They sell certified used cars with accidents on it but conceals the accident on their car faxes. This is what happened to me. I bought a Q5 from them after seeing a clean car fax in May 2015. I went to an MB dealership 6 months later to trade it in because my family of 5 was outgrowing it. There was an accident on the car fax that occurred 6 months PRIOR to my purchase in early Dec. 2014. They hid the accident, sold it under the false pretense that it was a clean car. I contacted Audi Corporate, their GM and their Pre-owned manager and they did NOTHING to rectify the situation other than to say it's not their fault. YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF SELLING CARS!! Why would you NOT KNOW?? Crooks is what they are. After multiple numerous attempts at having them do the right thing by buying the car back (which they won't), I, the consumer is penalized with a car i would NEVER have purchased. No conscience, no integrity. Flat out crooks. I have both car faxes to prove their dishonesty.

On top of that, they lent out my car as a LOANER while it was there for its 25k check up. Someone left their personal folder for restaurant PURCHASE ORDERS in my car. The service manager called me to ask me if it was in the passenger side of my car and that it needed to be returned to it's rightful owner who was looking for it. DESPICABLE!! They are saying it was lunch orders for their service guys. Meanwhile, I talked to the owner of the folder. Liars and Crooks!! Save yourself the trouble, don't even look this way. Look at all the other poor reviews. It's not just me. Go elsewhere. This place needs an overhaul in management. Its a sleezy dealership!
Syosset, NY
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Recently bought a Certified Pre-Owned A5. Within a couple of months of owning the vehicle I began to have serious mechanical difficulties with the car. In the past 18 months my car has been in for major service no fewer than 6 times. I discovered that it is associated with both a class action suit and a significant recall. Although the car is clearly a "lemon", no one in the sales department is willing to work out an acceptable deal to put me in a different vehicle. In fact, the general manager has ignored my attempts to contact him. This is certainly my last transaction with Audi of Huntington, and may very well be my last Audi.
Merrick, NY