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“We Brought our truck in to be repaired and was lied to from day one. They had the truck for over a week before they even submitted a warranty issue to ford. They sent us over to Heartz for a rental car that we were told they would pay they never did and stuck us with a bill Over $2000 due to the fact they had the truck for over three weeks! To top it off they told us they could not fix the truck that they just sold to us brand new $90k truck that now has the Death Wobble and cant be driven due to the fact it loses complete control out of nowhere at highway speeds they told us to pick it up and said nothing they could do for us. The only thing they did is make the truck worse and refuse to pay for the rental. Their General Manager is a real piece of work. When speaking to him about my concerns he told me the $90,000 “F250 Platinum is NOT DESIGNED TO GO MORE THAN 65MPH, if I wanted a race truck I should have bought and F150!” And he could care less because this is fords problem not his. I explained to him that he sold us the truck not ford. He told me he would not Speak to me and to stop acting mature and to act like a man and deal with the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never in my life have I been so disrespected! So end result is I'm out Well over $90,000 on the truck and out another $2000 on the rental! There excuse for not paying the rental was that they don't Work with Heartz!!! Yet they are the ones that recommended them to me know they would pick up the tab and even directed me there. Service manager told me that even though his service adviser made that mistake it was not his responsibility. They have lied to me over and over. When we purchased the truck they lost our checks twice and double charged us on tax because they did not verify what part of the county we lived in. They ignored me for over three months they waited almost for to even send us a check for the difference. We have called multiple times asking for a itemized list of what they did and every time we call the receptionist is extremely nasty to us say she knows who we are yet refuses to give us her name. Now when we call the wont even pick up and transfers the call to other dealerships and their collision center. When they had our truck the service department refused to pick up their phone which caused us to drive from Castle Rock to the dealership to get any update!”

Here we are again in a back and forth limbo with Autonation Ford Littleton and Ford Corporate themselves! Our most recent update from them was when they offered to pay for new tires since they seem to thinkthat is what is causing the Death Wobble. We come to find out after taking back into MedVed Ford 3-4 more times!... the tires still do not fix the problem! In fact now my $90,000 Truck “that is not designed to go over 65MPH” Sun roof just {{POPPED}} while in the Death Wobble causing it to break to the point I cannot close to sunroof all the way. So, let’s say it rains or Snows.... the truck will flood and be completely f**ked. GREAT! Ford Corp still has not taken responsibility and has not approved a buyback like we simply ask for!! What else could they be hiding?? And Why does the General Manager of Autonation Ford Littleton Michael Valentine STILL HAVE HIS JOB?! They told us he was canned! They are continuing to lie to us! And have no common sense of the right thing to do! Autonation agreed to pay for the rental that they originally said the would pay and provide us with receipts on the work preformed that they refused to give us. They also agreed to help with the buy back, in return they asked that we take our review off the internet. They have once again lied Through their teeth. He rental car was paid but they have refused to help us with the buyback and have refused to provide us or for corporate with the receipt showing that time they had it and what was done to try to correct the problem. So we are reposting our reviews with updates due to the fact they have broken their end of the agreement again. So yourself a huge favor and don’t take any of your business here!
Englewood, CO