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Don't waste your time! I would give them negative stars if I could for the time they took from me! Walked in and first thing we experience is the guy next to us yelling, "You people are liars! That's not what we agreed to. I'm never coming back here and will tell everyone I know the same" and he was visibly upset. Sat down with my sales guy (who frankly was awesome but unfortunately is subject to the shadiness of his management) and we quickly discussed my goals. Test drove the vehicle I went in to see and was ready to talk numbers once we were back (family event - me, my hubby, and 2 kids). As my kids patiently sat by, my hubby and I worked the numbers and conditions of the sale. All was good... until Bob Labrie got involved, and I need to add, this is after my husband left with the kids so I could finish everything up.
Supposedly, I should not have been told one of the conditions which was a soft top for a almost new Jeep. I was told I could go look through a heap of used soft tops in their warehouse with no guarantee it would fit or be in good condition... but first... let me re-iterate... I (me, yes me) could go look through some old heap of soft tops in a WAREHOUSE!!! Are you serious!!!!! They then tried to have me look at a car that my husband and I were not looking for of which I went back to Bob and said seriously your going to lose this deal over a soft top that I was told was part of the deal to which he replied.... that was just a preliminary offer sheet... nothing is set in stone until a manager signs it... well SCREW YOU Bob! You run a shady business and I will make sure to tell everyone I know to not shop there! Good luck to their next victim!
Contoocook, NH
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
This place doesn't even deserve the 1 Star, but there is nothing lower than that to select. I was very interested in the Used 2017 Camaro they had on the lot for 24.8k down from 31k. Test drove it. Love it! I was offered a low 30k for trade value on my Silverado & the estimate on the payments by the manager Bob. KBB priced my trade to dealer at 34-35k. (So much for there more for your trade motto.) Because it was about 4pm (Autoserv closes at 5pm on Sundays) I left stating I'd be back on the upcoming Thursday after sitting on the thought of making the deal. At about 430pm I messaged the Sales woman I was dealing with asking if I could return this evening, I'd really like to make the deal and today. She was welcoming, said it was no problem, as long as I showed up before five everything would be a go. I showed up and walled in at 4:55pm. It was then when the experience went awful. Every sales woman and man ignore me completely as they stood around discussing how upset they were about still being on the clock. I had to chase someone down to get them to call the Sales woman I was dealing with to the front. Sat down at her desk and within seconds the manager Bob came over and offering me $5,000 less for my trade, his excuse. "Thought it was a different truck." The same guy who quoted me 30k an hour before drops it to 25k with all the same information. Of course any reasonable guy with a truck knows that's a low blow let alone it only being a year old with 12k miles. As he was low balling me he casually pushed me and my 10 month old boy out the door suggesting I go back to Banks Chevrolet where I normally buy my vehicles... & i will. Lost a customer over wanting to leave by 5pm. Awful team, awful manager, and unintelligent salesmen. This explains their overall rank of 2.5.
Laconia, NH