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I purchased a Versa a year ago and as told after a year I can come and trade up. well the year has gone by and I went to trade the versa in and they cant do anything. First I purchased the car because my car at the time engine died and Im new to south carolina and need to get to work. so I purchased the versa its a small car with no power nothing but Im paying over 350 for a dependable crappy car. they got over on me They sold me a 2016 with no power windows or doors and now I mad as hell.
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I had a lease with Nissan with 9 payments Togo. I called Benson Nissan on the 23rd of December to see if I could trade my car in to buy another one. Once I got there the lady that was helping me over the phone couldn't help me because she was busy. I finally got another salesman to help. The first deal they brought me was a BIG NO! Financing $24,000 for a Nissan Sentra. So I was about to walk and go home until the brought me a new 2016 Nissan Ailtma. It was beautiful and I loved the car after driving it. Once the paperwork was presented to me that they were going to pay my lease off and I was going to be financing $23000 out the door, I agreeded to that. I repeatedly asked the sales lady over and over: my lease is over right? She said yes! I asked the finance manger as well and he said yes! I was told my payment would be around $386 and the only thing I owned now was the new financing on the new car and my lease with Nissan was over. Well today 01/13/16 I get a bill in the mail stating I owe Nissan over $3000 for the rest of my lease. The bill of sale that was presented to me doesn't look anything like I signed. They tricked me and manipulated me into thinking they paid my lease off which they didn't. I have called the dealer twice now and texted my sales lady and they won't return my calls and all they keep saying is they will call me back. Nogthing!!! Benson Nissan are lying dirty crooks! Be careful!
Hendersonville, NC
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Great people @ benson nissan....extra special thanks to Mr Christopher Burgess salesman and Mr Scott Flavell sales manager....thank you
Gaffney, SC