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Best Choice Trailers (717) 220-4220 1512 Spring Road , Carlisle, PA
1 Star Rating
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I received a post card to leave feed back from choice so I will...Classic bait and switch..I looked at their web site and found a NEW trailer great price! pictures looked great I even called to confirm they had the one in the pic.I drove over 4 hrs upon arrival Salesman on the phones and busy so i waited about 10 minutes to finally have some assistance I said who I was and what i was there for Brian pulled out papers for me to take to the notary down the road (I had trusted them at this point) so I paid for trailer unseen and got the paper work done. I returned to the dealer to find a "new" trailer manufactured 2 yrs ago with rust coming up under the powder coating, I complained to the kid they had prepping the trailer and said replace the fender the boss came out and basically said we will knock off a few hundred or pay the difference for a "new" trailer or go home empty.. Bottom line they are the walmart of trailer sales, they could care less about one customer because they sell thousands of trailers, I called the manufacture they basically said tough crap also, after all this is a great seller for them. so Sure trac tilts eh.. this dealer great prices but make sure you see what your buying and negotiate an appropriate price. Customer satisfaction is at the bottom of their priorities list.. Selling by any means is top! TRUE salesman. {removed} video shows actual trailer.
Johnsonburg, PA