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I was lied to by the service department. I had a recall on my car. The recall shows and names the 3 shifter parts to be replaced. Also said the recall would take aprox. 2 hrs. Service said it would take 4-5 hrs. and gave the excuse that they would need to do additional inspections.
Got A card confirming that they had the recall parts in and made an appointment on 7/25/17 @ 1:00 and dropped the car off @ 12:40. -Got A call @ 3:21 that after further inspection additional parts would be required and they needed to be ordered. I asked if the car was ready to be picked up and was told they needed to put it back together and would be 25-30 min.
I arrived in 10 min. and my car was outside "not locked" and the keys at the service desk. Again I was told that with the further inspection additional parts were required and ordered in about a week. When I asked for some one to show what additional parts were needed I started to get a runaround. They went to parts -then tried to find the tech. that worked on it and couldn't find him. About 30min later and now they had the wrong parts "said they were boxed wrong" not additional parts. All this time the only person that talked to me was a lady service writer.
I requested to speak to a manager and was told that no one was available to talk to. At that time I said I am getting a runaround and this is a whole day trip to come back and I didn't feel that they were being up front with me as to what was going on.
At that time I was offered a loner car. When she showed it to me it was an older and smaller Suzuki that had accident damage on the hood and very large hail dents on the entire top of the hood and roof.
we have a 2 1/2 hr. ride home -me and wife in our 60s "her with a broke arm" and her brother 6' 2" in his late 70s.
Now with all that said -why would A tech. take a car apart without seeing if he had the parts? #2 how did 25-30 min get it back together and in the lot "not locked" in less than 10 min. and now the tech. is no where to be found?
#3 a loaner should be equal to or nicer than my car. No other loaner could be found except an electric and they didn't think it would get me home.
They said they had done this recall before so they should have known what it took.
I have been a auto tech. for 45 years and 35 of it as a transmission tech. with my own shop 29 of those. The parts in question go from the shifter to the shift rail on the trans. Pretty straight forward "no rocket science"
I haven't yet but I am willing to bet that when I put my car on the lift that no bolts have been touched after it left the factory. I will save pictures.
Boone, NC