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337 Hooksett Rd
Manchester NH 03104

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The only employee that Bonneville has, who has any customer service skills, is Luke. Samir is arrogant, and lacks completely in customer service. Tina has a complete lack of training on the entire car sales procedure, from start to finish. She should be trained on the difference of car miles vs. gas miles, so that when the purchase papers are filled out, the correct miles will be listed. They sell brand new cars, which they do not have the Certificate of Origins for, causing major delays in delivery of your brand new vehicle. They then, after that delay, send their registry runner to the registry with incomplete/missing paperwork, causing further DAYS of delay. It takes over a week to take delivery on your vehicle, AFTER you've paid thousands in down payments, pre-paid for registration, signed over your trade, etc. None of the employees communicate with each other. Ned, apparently gets too stressed out, resulting in him being completely rude to the customers. There was so much confusion and lack of customer service, from day one, on a simple, no hassle, easy sale, I can't even list everything on here. As a "coutesy", for all of this. They installed weather/rain guards on my brand new car. Problem number one, two of them were scratched, which you'd have to be blind not to see. Problem number two, they aren't lined up properly. Overall, they look horrible. The major problem though, is that I wasn't aware, and never told, that they were the cheapest rain guards available, and that they'd be "installed" directly on top of the chrome detail. The less expensive model cars don't have the chrome detail, therefore may not be an issue. I purchased a more expensive, overall better looking car, with more detail, to enjoy it. Not to have cheap, scratched, mismatched rain guards "installed" as a "courtesy". Then, when asked to have them simply removed, I was told that they can remove them, but they won't be responsible for any damage caused by the removal process - AFTER I was told to bring the car back in. Thanks for ruining my brand new car, as well as a complete nightmare of a sales experience. Bonneville will actually be losing a lot of business over this one transaction. I waited to see if they'd make good on this rain guard ordeal before placing this review. It was their last hope. Because of the Kia dealership, Bonneville as a whole, will now be losing a lot of business.