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Asheville, NC 28806

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Edwina Mintz who works at this Salon was selling Papillon puppies from THIS Salon. After three trips, each staying overnight, when we arrive to get the puppy we picked (with most distinctive markings and different from all the other puppies) and who we've waited 7 weeks to pick up--Edwina says she sold our puppy two days previously. Never offered to do anything to make up for her screw up. When you breed dogs and sell them from a salon, you should not let someone pick out a puppy, travel and stay overnight 3 times, and then sell their dog to someone else. Really alarming and emotionally traumatizing. I could not recommend doing business with such a person. A very bad reflection on breeders by your actions and you did nothing to make up for your horrible mistake. Worse, you were with us when we picked our puppy and you had photos and a video of her. REALLY, you "made a mistake" you say when this dog was the only one with a dark face--when you were with us when we picked her--when you said you knew which one--and when you were in receipt of photos and videos. You have been reported to the AKC and the Papillon Club. You should never breed again or do this to another person.
Cornelius, NC