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Don’t buy a Toyota unless you do some extra homework. They have a big problem with the design of their cars and trucks. Just look at the class action lawsuit in California. Their cars are not sealed and they allow rodents in through mult points of entry. The rodents like to feed on the wire casings yikes. Toyota will fix it and will charge you a ton of money because even in a leased vehicle it’s not their fault that they designed a car that any small animal can set up residence. Furthermore they will also depreciate the value of the vehicle if it has been invaded and you will pay a heavy penalty at trade in. Just think twice about purchasing a vehicle and do your homework because their are a few other vehicle manufacturers dealing mg with the same issue. Before you sign on the bottom line just please do the research I never thought in a million years that when I was sold a vehicle that had these issues that the law would not force companies with lines of people as their service departments dealing with the same issues to notify buyers of the risk. Our almost new vehicle is virtually unusable.
South Lake Tahoe, CA
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
So my experience actually went from a very solid 5 stars to 1 star. I met with Kyle originally and test drove a 2015 Tacoma. He was very personable and knew the information about the truck. I did some research online and found the Tacoma with all the specs I want it at a place in Placerville CA and it was several thousand less than what Carson City Toyota was selling it for. Before making the trip to Placerville I asked if Kyle and his team could match the price for the EXACT same truck. Kyle asked me to send him the invoice and then proceeded to ask if I wanted every package (listing them one by one). I said I wanted the EXACT same truck for the EXACT same price.

Then came the phone call (which I don't really recall from Jeff the sales manager as I had about 10 phone calls leading up to that point). He listed off the specs and it sounded like everything was exactly what was on the invoice. There was just one problem though... he said Entune Premium Audio with Navigation NOT Entune Premium Audio with Navigation JBL which I must have not caught because I have been since told that JBL was not part of the order.

Fast forward to the car buying process. Truck appeared to have everything upon initial inspection except no JBL badges (and the JBL package was on the original invoice). I promptly asked about it and was reassured that not all speakers these days have brand badging on it and to my knowledge none of the other Tacomas in the parking lot had the JBL package to which I could compare. So, I brushed off my concerns after being reassured they were in fact the right speakers/sound system.

So we went inside and started doing paperwork. Then came reviewing the sticker for the vehicle. It listed Entune Audio Premium with Navigation (no JBL). I asked about it a second time as I thought, why wouldn't it list it on the sticker? I was reassured again that the naming of some of the packages and their package codes differ from state to state, but it indeed had the JBL system in there. I reluctantly accepted the answer but I figured they have been straight with me so far and no pressure the entire time so I think they are telling the truth and I will take their word for it.

A couple days later I was looking at for possible extra addons I might get when I saw the JBL package is always listed as Entune Audio Premium with Navigation + JBL not just the Entune Audio Premium with Navigation. I immediately emailed Kyle with a concerned email (since that package alone is worth $1000 and WAS NOT in my vehicle). I got a phone call 2 days later from Jeff (the sales manager) apologetic but basically saying "in the phone call I read off the specs and you agreed that's what you agreed to". Needless to say I was pissed because I asked about the JBL 4 different occasions and was reassured on all 4 that it was in there and now I am basically being told to go pound sand.

I have to say this has left a bitter taste in my mouth and although I got a decent deal on the truck, missing that $1000 package and being told by Jeff that I can go out to a stereo store and buy a stereo system MYSELF to put in it was basically the tipping point. Why would I be happy about not getting a $1000 stereo system put in my truck and having to go out and spend $1000 more to put it in. That is like I am losing out on about $2000 to get what I initially asked for.

Long story short, even when matching invoices (which is pretty hard to mess up since it is written down) don't let them do it over the phone and always triple check with the sales manager NOT the sales person since they apparently don't talk to each other about what is important to the customer and that the sales manager is the one who gets the vehicle not the sales person. On that note buyer beware, they don't pressure you but the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and you will be the one to pay for it.
Reno, NV