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105 Bos Prov Tpke # 107
Norwood MA 02062

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Nope. Nope. Nope. I bought a 2007 Toyota Yaris with 56k miles on it and a 3 year bumper to bumper warranty. Sounds great right? Except they openly admit they are not certified to work on Toyota's and it SHOWS!! They told me I was "out of gas" and that it was "operator error". Well I took my car, which was still having problems, to a CERTIFIED Toyota mechanic. What was wrong with it? What WASN'T wrong with it?!?! The battery, coolant hose, cam sensor, alternator, head gasket, and air bag sensor all needed to be replaced. Hmmm...maybe that's why my car keeps stalling?? They are now refusing to repair the car or have anything else to do with the car so I have hired a LAWYER. One of the managers literally told these jerks, "We don't want to deal with her. We don't want the car. YOU fix the car!!" *hung up*.

Don't use this dealership. I paid $2,113 for a warranty they won't honor and have since had to get a lawyer!! **SCUMBAGS**
Fall River, MA
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
"False / Misleading Advertising"

Kia of Norwood are simply dishonest and unprofessional, deliberately misleading consumers on every front.


They advertise on AutoSolutions magazine for a select number of cars - "ALL VEHICLES $199/MONTH AND LESS".

When pressed for more information they deliberately leave out the small print both on their advertised page as well as when you call them or talk to them online - conversation as follows - 6/1/2015

Central Kia of Norwood: Thank you for choosing Central Kia of Norwood! System: We have alerted the online representatives that you are waiting. Someone should be with you momentarily.
System: A representative has joined the conversation. Compose your message and then click send.

Alfredo Denizard: Hi this is Alfredo D. How may I help you?

You: Hi Could I have the VIN no for the Ford Fusion advertised in Auto Solutions.

You: I am filling up the finance application right now

You: plus I do not see it on your inventory list

You: Please confirm it is still available Alfredo Denizard: Give me a moment while I check on that for you.

You: Further please confirm if the $199 a month is for purchase or lease

Alfredo Denizard: I wanted to let you know the ford fusion is under agreement

You: and the 2013 Toyota Camry?

Alfredo Denizard: yes that is available

You: Please confirm if the $199 a month is lease or purchase

Alfredo Denizard: I t is subject to Bank Approval

You: Simple question lease or purchase?

Alfredo Denizard: Purchase

You: With 0 down?

Alfredo Denizard: No I will not confirm anything until you submit a credit app

You: Why advertise $199 down then? Chicken egg situation. Defies logic that you can't even confirm your own promotion.

You: I mean $199 a month

You: Simple question the terms of $199 are with a down payment or not.

You: Why would anyone submit an application based otherwise?

You: Waiting for your response

You: Still waiting

You: Can I have your managers name please ?

The Agent has left the conversation. You are no longer connected. Thank you for your interest.
Dover, MA