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I took my 2014 Honda Accord in to be serviced because the tire pressure light came on. I was told that both of my front tires had a nail in them. They said that one could be patched for $25, but the other couldn't be patched and definitely needed to be replaced for $150. Thinking I could get the work done much cheaper elsewhere, I declined the dealership's offer to service my car and took it to an independent tire shop just 1/2 mile down the road. I told the tire shop mechanic what the dealership told me... that I had a nail in both of my front 2 tires, and that one could be patched while the other needed to be replaced. The mechanic said that you really can not determine any of that until you remove the nails and see what kind of damage was actually done to the tire. He removed the nails, and both of them turned out to be tiny, broken-off pieces of screws that were less than 1/4 inch long. Neither screw had actually punctured the inside of the tires, and both tires were perfectly fine! Neither tire needed patching or replacing. The tire shop could have very easily told me the same thing the dealership told me, and just offered to do the unnecessary work for less. But they did not. They were completely honest and upfront with me. They were more interested in gaining my trust and loyalty than making a quick buck off of me. I returned to the Honda dealership and spoke with service manager Dervin Carty. I told him how upset and disappointed I was that his service department told me I needed work done on my car that I did not actually need. He said he understood why I would feel that way, but insisted that his service department did nothing wrong. Even when I told him that I had been lied to, he still defended his technicians and refused to admit any wrong doing. He then offered me a token free oil change to make me feel better, but I declined. I left the dealership even more angry and upset than I had been before I arrived. This service department lied to me, and then tried to spin it like I was in the wrong. I will never visit this dealership again.
Orlando, FL