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5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Gerry happy with the service and the car.
Assisted by Jake Kretschmer
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Toyota just simply looked after our requirements, great trade-in deal and manner to which salesperson "Blake" applied to my wife (Janet) and i, we experienced "no" pressure to purchase the hi-lux and would we would recommend Blake to those who are seeking assistance, once again thankyou CMI Toyota West Terrace and thankyou Blake.... regards Lance & Janet Lawson
Charleston, SA Assisted by Blake Pulic
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Great experience and friendly staff. Happy with everything and highly recommended CMI TOYOTA to others.
Auldana, SA Assisted by Tony Rosella
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Thanks to Rob and team for great service.
Assisted by Rob Vandenbroek
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
We were thrilled with the attention and customer service we received from Toyota. Thank you Blake for looking after us and making the change over so stress free.
Assisted by Blake Pulic
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Thankyou Blake you were really lovely and caring .
Para Vista, SA Assisted by Blake Pulic
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Great and friendly service customer!!!
Assisted by Ben Willoughby
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Ok so I sell a 2010 Camry take a deposit decide to have the recall on the master door switch done before delivering to the buyer 50km away, leaving straight from the CMI Adelaide.
Admittedly this car is 8 years old but immaculate, just cut and polished and sold for $10,000, 105km, not bad. (Side note: you offered me $6000)
When I get there I am greeted by the service "concierge" I hand him the keys and say "just a minute I want to take Photos of the door in case something is damaged" which I do.
When I return to pick up the car, I am handed the keys, as I walk towards the car; and from a distance I can see black greasy finger marks all the way across the outside door panel, were the mechanic has obviously has clipped the door panel back in place with the window open squeezing greasy hands against the outside of the door.
The grease was so noticeable it was impossible to overlook. Did you think you were doing me a favour you were "helping me" by replacing the switch at no cost, you got paid!
Was the car too old for you to care? Obviously someone didn't give a damm. I couldn’t believe they thought it ok to hand it back in that condition!
So I go and get a service rep to get the car clean I tell him that its "B****it that this should happen" to his credit he was helpful, not confrontational I told him it was not his fault it was the service mechanics.
I wait 20 minutes or so, the car comes back this time I see the scratches that were under the grease or they did it cleaning. Now the paint needed to be cut to remove the scratches.
I said "if you get me some cut and polish and a rag I'll do it myself! I have to deliver it to the buyer without the scratches".
Now the service manager comes out after being told of the problem, He tells me that It couldn’t have been them for they wear gloves I tell him to stop the B*****it I have photos. I take one to show him that the scratches show up in the photos. He would not look or acknowledge that they had scratched the car door. He wanted to deny it and “handle me away" He asked If I wanted his help I said yes and then said "they didn’t do it!
(Thanks for the help), and walks away and says "do you want my help" and I say "bugger it". I am not coming back here.
So I went to the supermarket brought cut and polish, sponges, a bottle drinking water to wash it off and did it myself.
Now the first part went ok the grease got cleaned. Should never have happened but ok.
Here’s how they second part should have gone.
Sir I am so sorry we left your car in that condition I apologise and understand why you’re upset given the circumstances
Sir I hear there are some scratches on your car, you say they weren’t there this morning? You have Photos? Where did you take them? Here with the concierge holding the door?
Ok I can see the scratches weren’t there. I will get this fixed straight away, just needs a bit of cut to get those scratches out! You’re selling it and have brought another Camry and your family owns two and you always get them dealer serviced on time every time, and sell every three years, wow we would very much like the opportunity to service you cars.
Here’s a Sales Management Tip free of charge turn adversary into profit nothing works better.
Perhaps you should check the books in the glove box to see opportunity and profit. Perhaps you should be wearing a different kind of gloves. By the way the car sold, and I brought another Camry Hybrid 47000 km, love Toyota cars not so much your dealership.
Athelstone, SA
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
It's been a great experience, excellent service from Carley. A big thanks to Michael (finance). Would highly recommend CMI to friends.
Fitzroy, SA Assisted by Carley Maguire
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Danielle has been beyond helpful and so easy to deal with. This is the second time I’ve bought a car through her and I couldn’t imagine dealing with anyone else.
Moana, SA Assisted by Danielle Andersen