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On December 30, 2017 My wife and I went to find her a Maxima. We thought we would stop by Courtesy Nissan and look at one she found online. We drove through the parking lot and found one on the front row. Got out of the car and went to look at it. The doors were unlocked on this one so we took a peak inside. It did not have everything she was looking for in the car but it was nice.

A sales man met us outside and we talked for a minute. My wife decided she would take it for a test drive after he found the price of the car. He said it was a used car and I asked if it was a demo as it had low mileage and he was not sure why it was marked as such. On the window it had an as is sticker on the window but still had manufacture warranty. We took the car for a test drive and my wife loved it. She still had another car at a different dealership she wanted to look at that had all the bells and whistles but was $2,000 more than this one. We decided to go and take a look at the other car.

Made it to the other dealership and she was still thinking about the black Maxima. We looked at the car and she decided that she wanted to go and get the other car. We went back to the dealership and found our sales guy. He also let her drive another vehicle however she was really set on the Maxima so we told him we were ready to buy it.

We went inside and the sale guy disappeared for a bit. After waiting on them, for what we thought was going to be bringing us back to start all our paperwork, the store manager came out and said that the car was not used but a new car and that he could show us a used one. So we started walking out to the cars and asked what the price was then and never got a response. Made it out to the black Maxima where the other Maximas were parked it and a guy got out of the one we were looking at buying. At that time my wife said that she already did not want the blue color and said no thank you and turned to leave. I happen to hear the guy who got out of the car, who works for Courtesy Nissan, say to the Manager that this car is marked as a used car and they started talking. At that point the store manager grabbed the window sticker that was laying in the back seat and walked back to the building as we were getting in our car.

It is really a shame that this place uses these bait and switch tactics like that to get you to buy what they want to sell you and not sell you what you want to buy. Just beware if you see a car and get a price that you make sure it is the correct price. I really thought times had changed with dealers but I guess some have not. We wasted half our day with them just for my wife to leave disappointed. They will sell the car one day but they have lost a customer for life.

If anyone ever ask me where to go to take a look at a Nissan, as we both own Nissan vehicles, I will be sure to tell them where not to go and waste their time.
Wylie, TX
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Horrible experience from start to finish! My car has the airbags involved in the recall, I went to the courtesy nissan website to see what to do next and their chat bubble popped up with an associate asking if they could help. When I gave them the information they said I would be contacted by an associate, but 3 days later I had no response and called to find out that they just wanted me to bring the car in and they would take care of it there. When I get there they immediately treat me like an inconvenience and tell me I can not leave my car with them and push a rental car agreement with a no pets clause, which I say will not work since I have a dog who needs monthly vet visits. An hour later they offer no solution and say I will have to deal with nissan directly. Terrible customer service and I will never go there again for any reason.
Dallas, TX