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I met Gary Brewer (one of the sales people) at license office and mentioned I was interested in buying a car. He gave me his card and I visited him a week later.

I told him my budget is $8,000 or less and that I am not willing to spend over $150 in monthly payments. Gave him my phone number and left.

He contacted me a few days later saying there’s a good car I need to check out. I went in, checked out the car and went for a test drive. I asked him how much the car cost, but he hid around the bush and gave me ambiguous answers. After all he’s been doing this for over 20 years.

I mentioned that I liked the car but I had a hard time getting a loan. He said he’d help me with that. We went inside and before I know it I am signing papers. He kept saying it’s not a sale but only a commitment. I didn’t even have the chance to read through them as he was pressuring me by telling me their summary.

Couple days later he said I was approved for a loan and I needed to come in. Keep in mind I still don’t know the car price because he wouldn’t give me a straight forward answer.

Once I was approved for the loan. He treated me like I am going to buy the car. I never said I would buy “that” car. Me being naive (21, no experience or help from anyone) and him being a pushy car salesman, I ended up buying a car that’s worth $8,000 for a total payment of around $14,500.
That’s almost double the price the car is worth. And for that price, I could’ve bought a brand new car. And if I were to trade car back in, it wouldn’t be worth $6,000.
The monthly car payment is over $250.

After buying a car, he asks everyone to give him a good review at Dealerrater. You’ll get an email to write a 5 star review. And people who are still intoxicated with the hype of their new car go and just do that.

This has been one of the biggest mistakes of my life. They say smart people learn from others’ mistakes and dumb people from their own. I hope you’re the smart one after reading this review and learn not to ever trust any salesperson, especially Gary Brewer.
Ballwin, MO
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Justin Flynn was the person who assisted me and was wonderful. He showed me a variety of choices, and I felt no pressure at all. I would recommend him to family and friends. I also enjoy Dean Teams service department - they are very helpful and will explain everything.
Ballwin, MO