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I purchased an Audi A6 from DFW Audi on 09/30/2015. I have three major complaints which the dealership refuses to make right.
1. Their lack of communications is appalling. Phone calls and messages are not returned and satisfactory answers aren't given on poised questions. It takes several days and many phone calls to even get someone on the phone. This is a total disregard for customer service.
2. I test drove the car several times before I purchased it and told the dealership the brakes were soft. They agreed to repair the brakes and several other small items discovered during their inspection. They reported they had replaced the front brake pads and rotors. These repairs are supposedly under warranty for one year. When I picked up the vehicle I noticed the brakes are grinding at slow speeds and sounds like metal on metal, screeching loudly. This was a new noise the car was not making during the test drives. Several of the dealership's technicians tried to convince us that it was a normal noise that all cars make. I left the vehicle with them to make sure the repairs had been accomplished correctly. The dealership is saying they found some "new" problems with the front bushings that is making the noise and they want over $1,500 to repair it. The repair includes a front end alignment. The dealership claimed they did a front end alignment when they repaired the brakes. They should have noticed anything wrong with the bushings then and repaired them. I've spoken to the Manager of the service department who agreed to drive the vehicle to make sure this was not a brake problem. Now the manager of the service department will not return my calls.
3. I purchased the car with the understanding the windshield would be repaired. This was documented in the forms signed during the purchase. The windshield had numerous gouges and rock chips in it which the dealership agreed they would repair for no charge. The windshield repair shop declared the windshield un-repairable because it was a safety hazard due to several of the bad spots being in the drivers line of sight. The dealership tried to get out of replacing the windshield but I refused to give into them. After way too many phone calls to the dealership they finally agreed to replace the windshield if I would pay $300 towards the cost. I agreed because I wanted this matter behind me and wanted my vehicle back. The dealership has had my car for three weeks now and still cannot tell me when I will get it back.
To make this right the dealership should make the repairs correctly the first time instead of trying to lie to me about them. I find it hard to believe the owner and general manager would agree to let unsafe vehicles be placed on road or let this total lack of customer service become the standard for their dealership.
After this buying experience and the total lack of follow up care I would advise everyone not to buy a car from this dealership. They have had plenty of time and chances to make this right and all they want to do is argue and pass the buck.
Dallas, TX