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1478 Deermont Ave
Madison OH 44057

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I always took my Nahla to Diane, not because I liked her (because she has an awful attitude and demenor) but because Nahla did! We lost our Nahla .. We started taking wolfie to her (only 2x) but this last time we took him we paid for grooming and boarding, she had 4 days to groom him since he was there. I offered to pick him up later Monday when we were back in town due to Daughters sports and she said no she doesnt work on sundays or mondays and if picked up after 10 then charged another day of boarding. Called her at 8:30 and said we were on our way for him and she flipped crap! Im still sleeping and I haven't even finished grooming him. I told her I was coming anyway. She lost it, screaming and yelling, slamming doors called me a bitch and barely let my dog get a lead on as she threw us out of shop because I wouldn't wait til 10, mind you she had 4 days to groom him and we told her 2 wks prior while setting this up that my daughter had gymnastics in another county at 10:15.. She only bathed him and cut his nails, no cut or brush. We always followed all of her crazy ridiculous rules and there are many! She was still horrible to us and so many others. My husband was never happy with taking our animals but i continued because for the most part she does a nice job with their cut but never again. She has no costumer service! She Has no filters! Rude and grotess! Not worth the terrible behavior for a cut. Go some where else!
Austinburg, OH