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Morristown TN 37814

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My story is long, but it is of great value if you are looking for a dealership that genuinely cares about people. Not only people from their own neighborhood, but strangers stranded from over 500 miles away.
It began around 4 pm. I'm on 81 S heading toward Nashville, TN. My car begins the process of breaking down. I pull over to a gas station. I asked those in the store if there was a Nissan Dealership in the area. I was told yes. I of course Googled it and called. I spoke to Melissa around 4:17 pm. She listened to the description of my car issues. She asked me if the car overheated, I said no. She asked me if the engine light came on, I said no. She said "darlin' try to get here, we will take care of you." She did not ask me how long it would take me to get there. She was genuinely concerned about my welfare as I had mentioned to her that I was to be in Nashville, TN for an award to be given. It took me about an hour to get there driving 40 mph on 81 S. Just in front of the dealership the check engine light came on. I had gotten to the dealership just in time and was welcomed by the greeter and proceeded to the service area. Melissa's smile somehow suggested to me that she would indeed take care of me. She was warm and overflowing with friendliness. About an hour later, she came to the lounge to tell me that my car needed a new transmission. I started to cry. I am single and self supporting and this trip has taken every spare penny and then some to get this award. I thought that I would have to turn around and go home without having received it, something that I have worked toward for many years. Then she hugged me and said, this particular car has a factory warranty of 120,000 miles and you won't have to pay a cent for repair. I cried some more. Then she said we are going to give you a brand new 2015 loaner car for you to drive to Nashville and then home until we get your car fixed. I really cried some more. I thank my Heavenly Father for knowing exactly where I needed to break down! I am in practice management and I have never experience that level of customer service in my entire life. And I am 60. Melissa could easily said to this stranger on the phone, we don't have time to see you today we are overbooked, or we close at 5 pm, or if you are not an existing customer we won't be able to take care of you." She could easily have turned me away. She did none of those things. She paid attention to my conversation and she heard that little bit of desperation in my voice and made a decision to go above and beyond the call of duty as well as those who had to diagnose my car. As I said this is a long testimonial, but it needs to be told because it is rare that people are treated with such grace, kindness and care today. And if I am ever fortunate enough to buy a new car, this is where my purchase will be made. I believe in the power of goodwill and this dealership exudes it. Thank you for taking the time to read. Melissa was my angel that day. Thank you to EVERYONE at East Tennessee Nissan!
Dover, PA