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IF you want to pay 500$ only labor to do: oil change, filter, and replace battery and more 200$ USD for parts then go there.

if you have anything to say, here at fletcher honda we will tell you: TALK TO THE WALL HE MAY ANSWER TO YOU.

Chicago, IL
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience

I took my 2014 Honda Civic in for warranty work on the factory installed Touch-screen LCD stereo. I had been having issues with the system freezing up and showing a slip screen when receiving incoming calls and information not always transmitting properly via the Bluetooth, call connectivity issues etc.

I originally scheduled my appointment via their websitehttp://www.fjhonda.com I booked my appointment for a Saturday morning. When we arrived at the dealership we were not properly greeted until after about 15 mins of standing in the service check in area. Once we were greeted we informed the adviser we had an appointment and was there due to a defective stereo. She then hastily ushered us outside and asked us to wait. She then informed the riders to bring our car back to the front and not to take it to the back... I could over hear her telling one of the riders we were only there for a radio code. I immediately interrupted her and informed her that was not true. I did not need a radio code. Had I needed a radio code I could have found it on the Honda website were they're listed. She seemed to ignore me and said someone will be with you.... After waiting another 20 mins my fiance walked inside and asked her when someone was going to take care of us. She then pointed to another adviser and informed him that he would be right with us. After about 15 more minutes he came out and finally greeted us. As we were attempting to explain what we were there for he too mentioned to another rider we were just there for a radio code. I once again interrupted and explained to him I did not need a radio code nor at anytime did I indicate so. I explained the issues to the him. He then gave us both his card. His name was William Caroza a Service Consultant.

He then informed us we they would not be able to look at our car on the weekend even though we had already wasted an hour of our time and had an appointment! His excuse was they were only able to do these types of diagnostics and repairs Mon-Fri and we would be happy to re-schedule us another appointment and give us a loner car when we bring the car back fro repairs. He walked us back into the service department and set up another appointment for that Monday morning at 6:30am and promised us a loner vehicle.

When my fiance took the car in Monday morning. William informed him they did not have any loners, as promised. Therefore he had to take the CTA to work and ended up being late to work due to the loner vehicle not being available!

Later that day around 2pm I received a phone call from William Cardoza with a status update on my car. He informed me "he had some good news and some bad news, the good news" he said "we were able to duplicate many of the issues you were having" He then said "the bad news is Honda will not authorize replacing the stereo" He went on to inform me "Honda is aware of these issues and do not currently have a fix, but they're working on one" He informed me he personally advised his manager to replace the system with anew one but when he called Honda he was informed it would not be authorized because they knew for a fact that replacing the unit would not resolve the issue I was having. He then apologized and advised me to call 1-800-999-1009 and make a mechanical claim and that would get the General Manager involved and they would be more willing to replace the defective unit..
The GM never reached out to me! No one did until after I received an email containing a survey about my recent visit to Fletcher Jones Honda, I received a call from the Service Manager "Joel". Of course this call was only due to the fact that I gave them a low score for customer service. I explained all the issues to Joel and he promised me he would take care of this...

He called me back later that day and informed me that William had given me false information and now all of a sudden they were not able to duplicate any of the issues William informed me and my fiance he was able to duplicate. Therefore they would need to re-inspect the car. He assured me he would do whatever he could to duplicate this issues and would be giving me a call to schedule an appointment as soon as they had a loner car available, He said they would most likely need the vehicle for a few days and therefore promised us a free loner so we would not be without transportation, He promised me he would be giving me a call by the end of the week. It's been 2 weeks and no update when i called i was informed there was still no loner available They also lied to the BBB and denied what they informed us. Contradicting the diagnostics report we received!
These people keep changing their story and telling lye after lie. I left a voice message for the GM Bob Levenson at 312-628-4920 and he hasn't returned my call either! My next step is the Illinois Attorney Generals office. These people are dishonest and Therefore can not be trusted! Save yourself time and energy, Go somewhere else!
Chicago, IL