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Clarksburg, WV 26301

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1 Star Rating
Overall Experience

BEWARE!!!! (NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART) This is the story of my Freedom Kia experience. It was the night of February 18th and I was researching vehicles online as I had been for a few weeks. I came upon the their website and as I was browsing a Promotional Ad popped up "$200 off your purchase if you come test drive one of our vehicles." I thought that sounded very appealing so I gave it shot and signed up for the next day. The very next day February 19th at 10:45 a.m. my wife and I went to the dealership to a look. We go through the door and are greeted I tell them about the $200 off promo and I am shown to a salesman. ( Sadly that $200 off promo was never heard from again). We tell the salesman what we are looking for and he pulls up a 2016 Kia Sorento with 78,000 miles not ideal but we gave it a shot. After our test drive I ask what is the price and no answer. He says I will be back let me see what I can do for you. He is coming and going we ask the price never get an answer at 1:30 p.m. we go get lunch while we wait. When we get back the salesman says bad news your payments on the used car would be around $800 well who in the middle class with 3 kids can afford that. Then he says but we have this brand new vehicle your approved for with $7800 off in rebates. We tell them we would need to think about and they say no problem the deal is good till the end of the month. The next day I call around to see what other deals I can find, well no can do the previous day Freedom Kia ran my wife and my CREDIT 12 TIMES!!! It dropped my credit score 60 points no dealership would touch me even with a cosigner. So we go back to Freedom Kia for the deal since I needed a car for my family and had no other place we could go. It was February 23rd we tell them we would like to get the car that they showed us that following monday. We go to sign the paperwork and instead of $7800 off we are only getting $6400 off in rebates and all they say is that they made a mistake. So that's $1600 that we were suppose to get off. That's a months salary for most. Do you think it stops there? Nope wrong!!!!! They offer us an extra insurance for a one time payment of $300 but me and my wife said we would have to think it over can we have a day because every dollar counts. We talk about it and decide it's worth it so the next day I call and tell them I will take it. Some how in that one night it went from $300 to $350. What a crazy world we live in right. I voiced my concerns about the matters but no difference has it made. So In conclusion my credit score is in need of much repair now and I paid $1650 more for the car.I guess in today's world a persons WORD is not something to be relied upon. SO GOOD LUCK I HOPE YOUR CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE IS BETTER THAN MINE WAS.
Grafton, WV
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Great buying experience, took their time with our whole family.
Grafton, WV
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Freedom KIA is awesome. Customer service is number 1. They go out of their way for each customer.
Grafton, WV