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5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Bob was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient and helpful throughout the entire process.
Hazlet, NJ Assisted by Bob Springman
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
The sales and service associates at galaxy Toyota have always been beyond helpful and kind to me. Definitely the most helpful dealership I’ve been to. Always have a good experience when I’m there.
Hazlet, NJ Assisted by Adam T. Iorlano
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Bob is great!! He was very helpful and when numbers didn't add up for us. We left. Bob went the extra mile in customer service and took the situation to his sales manager and came up with a solution for us. This was Zack's first car, he was saved his money for this day, we helped him out some. This was his first large purchase and Bob knew it was important. Bob made it happen. Thank you Bob
Hazlet, NJ Assisted by Bob Springman
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I received one of those annoying "while you were away a message was recorded" calls that this dealership always does and asked me to press 1 if I wanted to talk to somebody. I did, because I had an open complaint with service that had still not been resolved. The person that picked up was from sales and told me that I was one of a limited number of customers who qualified for around $1,000 credit towards a new car, that a Mr. Gates wanted to meet with me about putting me in a brand new Sienna (mine is 2 years old, purchased at this dealership), and that he could get me a really good deal and probably lower my monthly payment. Sounded nice, so I made an appointment.

When I showed up, the sales person who greeted me had never heard of Mr. Gates. He asked someone else who said something that led me to believe that there was no Mr. Gates, rather this was some sort of code word. So he told me Mr. Gates was busy, that he was part of the team who worked with Mr. Gates (really? just minute ago you didn't even know who he was), sat me down at his desk, and wanted to know what kind of car I was interested in. I told him I would go back and talk to somebody in service about the problem I was having there while I was waiting for "Mr. Gates".

When I got back from service (very annoyed, I am writing a separate review about that), I told the sales guy that I was not sure I wanted to talk to anyone about buying a car until I got the refund that service promised me weeks ago. He said he didn't know what he could do about that, so I asked to see a manager. He took me to a guy sitting at a desk in the corner (probably one of their middle-tier sales people) and I explained the situation to him. He asked me to sit down. I had already been sitting at the other guy's desk and I did not want to sit on their hard chairs again as it is painful for me (medical condition), so I said I did not want to sit. He said he could not help me if I was unwilling to sit down. At this point, I was so angry I walked out and am never going back.

I never did see a Mr. Gates, even though I supposedly had an appointment with him. The initial sales person was nice but was clueless and a liar. The middle-tier sales person was a real jerk. Where does he get off telling me I have to sit down or he won't help me? I think he was just looking for an excuse not to have to deal with me because I was breaching their precious protocol and was doing something other than falling over trying to buy a car. I probably could have knocked on the window where the real managers are (I saw the one in there who had closed my prior deal) but I was so angry I just wanted to get out of there.
Hazlet, NJ
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Bob Springman was awesome! Very patient helpful and knowledgeable! Highly recommended!
Hazlet, NJ Assisted by Bob Springman