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Haley Ford Richmond (888) 337-5987 10724 Jefferson Davis Hwy , Richmond, VA
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I purchased a brand new 2014 Ford Fiesta from Haley Ford 10724 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Richmond, VA 23237 in June 2014. Beginning in March 2015 having issues with the transmission clutch and TCM. I brought it in to the dealership due to a Shudder while driving and slipping during takeoff. The TCM/PCM was reprogrammed and I was sent on my way. Only a few months later in May 2015, I was again dealing with the same problem and shudder from before. I took it back into the shop and was told that the shudder did not read high enough for a replacement clutch. The TCM was again reprogrammed and I was told to return once the shudder became worse, the shudder was still present when I left the shop this second time. I then was left to drive this nearly brand-new car around with my daughter for 8 months waiting for this constant shudder to become worse enough to warrant replacement. January 2016, I return to the shop because I feel the constant shudder has become worse at that point. The shudder now reads high enough for a replacement clutch to be ordered and installed, No TCM/PCM reprogramming was performed during this service appointment. Once again in September 2016, I return to the shop due to a shudder and now a substance is leaking under the front end of the car. During service Ford replaced the clutch once again and found that transaxle seals were leaking (which can leak into the transmission and cause a shudder as well)—so a new transaxle seal assembly was installed, as well as new transmission fluid. Now after four return services for the same shudder/slipping related to TCM, clutch and transmission problems my warranty expired at 60,000 miles and I thought we had all but taken care of the issue. I then received letters in the mail informing me of a class action lawsuit against Ford for the same issues I had experienced. At the time my car was running fine after the second clutch was installed and transaxle leak repaired, I also did not meet the requirements for the lawsuit claim as my clutch had only be replaced twice and my repairs had been thus far covered under my car’s warranty. Fast forward to November 2018, I am now experiencing the same slight shudder from before while driving and now have three children to transport in this vehicle being that it is my only vehicle and I am 8500$ from paying off the loan for the car ($20,000 + $9,000 interest). I received a notice last year 2017 notifying me that an extended warranty has been issued for my car’s TCM, which is the controlling module for the dual clutch transmission. In December 2018 once my Nursing school semester was over, I scheduled to bring the car in to service yet again for the shudder from before and was scheduled for 12/31/2018. I received a call from the service department informing me that my transmission clutch as well as the throw out bearing in the transmission both must be replaced and that unfortunately my extended warranty only covers the TCM replacement and/or reprogramming. Myself and my mother who signed for the car for me then went to the service shop to question with this being the 5th time I have had to bring the car in for the same failing part why am I the consumer left responsible for the cost of repair, and/or whether they are willing to buy back the car because now with having this clutch already replaced twice and needing a third replacement there is 0 guarantee that replacing the clutch is fixing the issue. We were given one option, to trade the car in for another car and start a new loan for that vehicle. Not much of an option for me a mother of three now trying to work my way through nursing school, especially being that I am only one year from paying the car off completely. We were then brought to a service manager who gave no options just stated that the repairs were not covered and if we wanted them to be covered, we would have to contact the head Ford office and file a complaint. At this point with absolutely no guarantee that paying the $1500 for the repairs will fix this transmission problem and prevent future service visits/bills, I do not want to complain to have the parts replaced yet again. I am looking for help to find a legal way to get out of this situation with this car. I believe they knew replacing the clutch would not fix/prevent future transmission/TCM problems and were just biding time until my warranty ran out.
Colonial Heights, VA