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Fourways, GT 2120

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3 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Car was not washed properly. Lots of watermarks on the car. Was not told about the scuff marks on right rear fender and small scratches on read bumper. Tank was also not full as requested. Suspect car has been in front accident as gaps between bonnet and fenders don't look correct. Opening the bonnet one can see right into the fender panels unless by design which I doubt some.covers are missing. At above 80km/h and above then is a wind sound on sunroof so probably a seal that is worn out. Also at same speed and higher then is a droning sound from all around the car but more focused on the back. Salesperson said before delivery that car needs to have rear wheel bearings replaced and when I took delivery says this was not done and then according to diagnosis the car has flat spots. When asked how long the car was standing at the dealership he mentioned plus minus 2 weeks. No car I know off gets flat spots for standing that little time. I then drove to the garage and increased tyre pressure from 2.1bar to 2.8bar and even at the lower pressure there was no sign of flat spots so concerned about technical diagnosis and technical service providers that this dealership uses. Also roadworthy report mentions an engine light that was on and salesperson then tells me i got sorted out by replacing a spark plug and diesel engines do not use spark plugs so I wonder if the fault codes were simply cleared to make the problem go away or if something was actually fixed.

Contact me regarding all this issues.
Assisted by Bongi Kuhlase
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
The staff was friendly and was able to address all our concerns with much patience.
Assisted by Bongi Kuhlase