Hemet Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

240 Carriage Circle
Hemet, CA 92545

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Shady car dealers that test the limits of the law! Take your money and spend way less of it somewhere else! I went in to buy a car that was advertised online for 26k when I got there they were very nice but they proceed to argue with me for hours, changing my apr and trying to force me to buy a warranty that they claimed I couldn't get financed unless I bought it. That is not only not true, it's illegal! They kept me waiting for 5 hours until I finally left. I called the next day because while I was negotiating I didnt know the "dealer warranty scam" google it! I explained that I knew I didn't have to buy the warranty to get financed and they backtracked because they could have been being recorded( I wasn't recording but i should have) they said that what they meant was it was best for them as a dealer if I bought it but I didn't have to. Great I said, then when can I come in and buy the car for the agreed price?! They proceeded to tell me another person was buying the car, later confirming it was in fact SOLD! Well I had my fiance and others confirm that day and a week later that the car was NOT SOLD! They lied so they could sell it to their next victim with the warranty! I took my business over to Ontario Jeep and not only got my car for 24k but they financed me at no money down, no warranty and a better APR in under 2 hours! I found out while I was at Ontario that Hemet ran my credit more than 10 times damaging my credit in the process! Do NOT buy from these guys, they are the nightmare dealers your dad warned you about! They will steal from you! I wish there was more I could do but write this review. What they did to me is illegal and I'm going to go as far as I can with this, they should not be in business! Please go take your hard earned money somewhere else and make a fair deal! I hope this helps someone out there!
Yucaipa, CA