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9213 Harford Rd
Parkville MD 21234

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This dealership is worth avoiding. Their sales tactics are dirty and underhanded. It worth going farther to deal with a better dealership.

On the Edmunds website has a list of 'signs' of a bad dealership. From my experience, Heritage Honda, Parkville matches a number of characteristics on this list.

#8 Using 'Ad Cars' as bait and switch. On our first visit to the dealership, the advertised car we were going to look at that was suddenly no longer available.

#6 They try to 'switch' you from the car you want to another. Our salesperson MARIE SMALLS fits this category. When we told her what we wanted, she immediately took us for a test drive in the car that she wanted to sell us which was very far from our specifications. This happened more that once during our dealings with her.

#4 Your salesperson demands 'follow me' or 'wait here'. We had them play this game with us several times.

#2 Your salesperson suddenly disappears and another takes over. This happened immediately when we first got to the dealership and were unfortunately passed off to MARIE SMALLS.

#1 Salesman are hanging around out front of the dealership salivating. Definitely.

Besides being given the typical bad dealership runaround, we were also basically lied to by our salesperson, MARIE SMALLS. We were negotiating a price on a car and she implied that she would agree to our offer in order to get us to come out to the lot again. In the rain. In bumper to bumper traffic.

When we were getting ready to close the deal, she started giving us a hard time about financing, even though, we already have a car loan through our bank. She immediately started trying to talk us into buying a different car through their financing. Eventually we asked to see the manager.

At first she sent out, TONY GRANT. He acted like a real lowlife. He was rude toward us and then immediately disappeared. This is a really dirty, underhanded manipulation tactic worthy of only the worst dealerships.

After a second request, MARIE SMALLS sent out who I can only assume was the real manager. This part could be a part of the Edmunds 'bad dealer' list.

#7 You're talking with your laid-back salesman when a big scary guy suddenly comes in and sits down across from you. JIM ROLAND definitely fits this category. I'd be willing to bet that he is part of their intimidation tactics, but, I really want to call him out for being a really incompetent manager.

Either JIM ROLAND is a really inept as a manager or he is a really sleazy manager. Sleazy for letting his employees get away with the sales tactics they tried to pull on us.

BOTTOM LINE: Avoid doing business here at all costs.
Akron, PA