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1 Star Rating
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Liars and they forge signatures very shady business, I was in there hearing them curse customers out once they hang up from sales call
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
SHORT VERSION: They falsely advertise vehicles as being certified preowned. They gave me paperwork telling me it is preowned just to find out from corporate it is actually not and they lied to me. I paid for this vehicle in full in January, it is over 4 months and they refuse to put the paperwork in to put the title in my name, or rather every time they call they say they will do it and yet it never gets done. Instead they registered the title under their name even though we have the paperwork stating otherwise.

FULL STORY: I was interested in buying a CPO Kia. I chose this dealership because it had the vehicle I wanted for the cheapest price, little did I know that saving some money would lead to 5 months of headaches and still continuing.... To begin. I was set a 2015 Kia Optima and as I was ready to say I want to buy it, they decide to notify me of a $2000 prep fee??? Which could not be waived on this vehicle but of course could be waived for the a 2014 Kia Optima that they were insisting I purchase instead. What is this prep fee? Apparently to clean and prep the car before giving it to us....that's right? a $2000 car wash essentially. I stormed out and called later that night to speak with a manager to complain of this indecency. He was "nice" enough to waive this fee for me on the 2015 and went to go pick it up the next day. (I am a student and was recently hit in an accident and unfortunately needed a car on short notice or else I wouldn't have even gone back).
Of course, the second day didn't go any better. After spending hours on paperwork with the sales rep. I met with the financial manager who offers me warranty on the vehicle which I decline because this was a CPO and was supposed to have the 100,000 mile 10 year power train warranty.
This was clearly advertised online as a "KIA CERTIFIED PREOWNED VEHICLE" which was evidently not the case. The sales rep even told us it went through a 165 point inspection which I found out later was also a lie. They tried to charge me $1500 for it to officially be a certified vehicle, which of course, they were "nice" enough to waive.
I didn't trust this dealership and decided to call corporate Kia about the status of my vehicle. I then found out that my vehicle was not certified even though they gave me paperwork stating so. This was of course another headache and I needed to bring my vehicle in to be inspected to officially be a certified preowned, all after I purchased the vehicle and have been driving it for over a week.
I thought all the problems were finally over and 4 months have past and I still don't have the title to the vehicle that I purchased in full. I have been reaching out to them every few weeks since the purchase, their response was, wait another few weeks, motor vehicle takes time. After going to motor vehicles, they have no record of this. Then finally they admit that it wasn't done and they are doing it now., sometime in April. Of course it never comes, keep calling and calling, and they finally admit, they did the paperwork in their name and registered the vehicle to them and now have to do a new registration.
This dealership is filled with dishonest, untrustworthy people that are not worth your time or money.
PLEASE save yourself the headache and go elsewhere!
Cliffside Park, NJ
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I purchased a used vehicle at this location. After long negotiating and signing of paperwork it was past closing hours. They told me that I was going to have to return another day to have the truck fully detailed. I suggested that I could leave it there and pick up the next day. They refused and said to come back with it when my plates were in.

The next day I decided to take a look at the air filter's condition. Needless to say it was in very bad condition. I looked over the paperwork that was given to me and it said that the cabin filter was changed but mentioned nothing about the air filter. Why would the dealership worry about the cabin filter but not the air filter is beyond me. So out of curiosity I checked the cabin filter and it was just as bad and so was the oil, it was dark and hadn't been changed in a very long time.

About 3 weeks later, I called to see if my plates were in, they were but I was never notified. So I returned with the truck and spoke to someone and mentioned that I hadn't received any notification that my plates were in, They looked at me like I had 3 heads. I then mentioned that the cabin filter was old and the oil in the truck was old and that it was never changed. They told me that it was changed and that whose to say that I put an old filter in place of the new one and to remember that I already had the truck in my possession for 3 weeks hence it would reflect the oil darkening. I was basically accused of switching an air filter.... And that the oil was bad because of 3 weeks of use??

I then asked if they would detail my tuck as promised and they said they would. I waited 3 HOURS and asked if my truck was ready, they told me that they were almost done and to give them another 20 minutes. After finally getting it, only an exterior wash was done!!! I then spoke to Eddie Carbajal and asked him why it wasn't fully detailed as promised, his response was we are too busy right now.He then told me to return another day...

This is the worst dealership ever!!! They lie, and are incompetent to communicate and deliver on their promises. Once you sign away, they don't care about you. People, please read their reviews. They are bad. Do not read the ones on their website. Those are handpicked. Use the internet and different websites.
Hopatcong, NJ
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I want to pay BMW 535 xi I like the car but it has check engine light on and brake light and ABS light and 4×4 light on then they told me the shop will check the car then we will call you when it finished they called me and when i saw the car it has same lights on he said it will disappear after 15 mi I did the paperwork for the car and take it then after 15 mi the light never disappear and start bad noise coming every time I try to drive the car I called the KIA dealer they was UN professional at all anyway I get appointment on Monday they take my BMW and give me loner car to drive ( KIA ) after 4 days they said sorry we can't figure out what's wrong in the car we gonna send it to BMW the finance manger talk to me yesterday and he said someone will call you in minutes until today no body called me honestly that's the worst costumer service I see jack Daniels fair lawn
and now paying for BMW and driving KIA
UPDATE 10/27/2015 the service manager told me yesterday we still don't figure out what we have to do and i still paying BMW and driving kia
UPDATE 10/29/2015 the service manager told me yesterday we still don't fix it yet and i still paying BMW and driving kia
i wanna know what kind of game you guys doing my car is 10 dayes and now they say waiting for check to fix i need my car today if no one answer i will go to police report today
Now the deal is if will take more time to fix 5 hours job i will call the bank to stop the payment because I never drive the car since i pay it and will call the insurance company stop it and the and the warranty company just to tell them the car broke from second day then keep the car with you forever
up date 11/4/2015 still never fixing my car
UPDATE 11/5/2015 the service manager told me yesterday we still don't figure out what we have to do and i still paying BMW and driving kia
Franklin Lakes, NJ