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5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
So easy to work with and very friendly
Assisted by The Kratzmann Team
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I'm not usually very fond of sales people as a rule as they often lack authenticity. However, our Sales Person Aiden was fabulous from the minute we met him, taking us through the purchase with ease and without any of the malarkey so often experienced when buying a vehicle. Can't comment on service dept yet as have only just reported a couple of minor issues, which I'm confident will be handled just as effectively, but we absolutely love our mini-motorhome...the best decision we ever made!
Assisted by Aiden Pollock
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
We bought a new van last April. A Franklin Arrow and added another $17k in accessories etc. on purchase. The first use of the van seemed OK, however from there it's been pretty dismal.
We noticed a lot of bugs in the van of a night time and after checking the fibre door seal found it was nowhere near to meeting the door frame and the bugs just came through. The 3 tanks gauges were not working from new, and the 2 x 95 litre waters tanks would fill to no more than a combined 160 litres. We had trouble with both the Truma heater controls and the Truma hot water service constantly had to be reset. Two of the wheel hub centres blew off before we even got the van home. There were a couple of other issues
We took the van back for it's first service at 6 months and provided them a list of all the issues
The door seal was fixed and then it took them 5 weeks to organise for the tank gauges to be replaced (not encouraging on a new van!). They claimed to have fixed the water tank problem but measuring the inflow and outflow with 2 different gauges still show only 160 litres. The heater and the hot water service as still playing up
Our first trip away after the service and we couldn't roll out the awning because the lever was missing and yet the awning was rolled up and the van simply parked at home before it went to Kratzmanns. I also discovered water running from the kitchen side of the van under the exterior moulding and upon investigation found the outlet from the kitchen sink had been broken and repaired with cheap silicone. It simply fell apart when I tried to tighten it
Back to Kratzmanns with all the issues. Their response - we're a bit busy with the show at the moment so you'll have to wait a few weeks (in other words as a customer, bad luck). The van is still under the initial warranty however I was told I will probably have to claim all the issues under my insurance! I have contacted the insurance company and made them aware of the issues.
Today I went back to Kratzmanns to try and book it in for repairs, No one available to help as he was on lunch. Then got asked how do I know the tanks are 95 litres, well apart from the invoice from Kratzmanns and the blurb from Franklin plus getting under the van and taking photos of the tank stamps, I pretty sure I'm right
The bloke there today took all my details and said I would be contacted about booking it in, so far no contact
I don't believe their warranty is worth the trouble of being stuffed around. There are 2 repairers close by who could do the job in the next week so I'm considering dumping Kratzmanns altogether and taking my chances
Overall I would never recommend purchasing a van from this mob, they're all over you and your best mate when you're purchasing, but after you have paid you are on your own
Bald Hills, QLD
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Spending money was never so easy. We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted and Braden was helpful without being pushy (I hate pushy). Both sale and pickup went smoothly.
Cleveland, QLD Assisted by Braden Doyle
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Jackson's professionalism and people skills are exemplary.
Nothing was to much trouble,in terms of our requests and questions.
Meet the brief and ticked all the boxes.
Alexandra Hills, QLD Assisted by Jackson Doyle
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Sean who did handover was excellent. Process was easy and smooth. Would be great if Saturday was offered as an option as I had to take a day off work.
Assisted by The Kratzmann Team
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Very good experience for both service and delivery.
Lytton, QLD Assisted by Jackson Doyle
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Good afternoon,

As per your email below.

We first visited your business on Friday 27.12.2018 and paid a deposit of $5000.00 to secure the purchase of a used caravan.
Upon inspecting this caravan with the salesman on the above date – he assured us there was ‘solar’ and this was as advertised on their website. We have since discovered there is no ‘solar’. At handover time we were advised that there is no ‘solar’.
We noticed the state of the fridge and the lack of overall cleanliness and other issues and on enquiring, the salesman once again ensured us the caravan would be completely detailed prior to the delivery date.
Settlement was made on Monday 7th January 2019 as per the confirmation phone call we received from the salesman.
We had arranged to take delivery of the caravan on Friday 11th January 2019.
When we went through the handover orientation with the staff member we were not totally impressed as per the following:
1 He kept re-telling his experiences & rushed through the orientation procedure.
2 We noted that there was no jack for the caravan wheels. This was later provided during the handover.
3 The Hot water element kept tripping the safety switch and a new element was replaced. – We were informed that all electrical components would be tested thoroughly prior to delivery. The auto electrician stated that this element must have faulted during transit. This van was in their yard for at least 2 weeks prior to the pick up day when we first sighted it.
4 The 2 way external main door was missing a latch and after some time the handover consultant could not repair this. We had to repair this ourselves the next day.
5 We were informed that we could check the general battery level from inside the front boot of the van by looking at a panel he pointed out to us. This was in fact the Brake Away system.
6 He ensured us the detailing had been completed. Asked what had happened to the freezer shelf in the fridge – he stated this was a small freezer so would not require one.
7 Parts are missing in the oven – Baking dish – Baking Dish insert - Oven racks – Grill handle for the griller tray.
8 Not informed as to the chemicals required for the operation of toilet.
As detailing was not completed as we were told would be done – we have spent 3 days cleaning the van and are only ½ way there. It took 1 hour to clean the fridge alone. All the vents & screens were filthy. The cupboards had not been cleaned. The vanity sink was filthy & stained around the plug outlet. All hanging curtains were filthy. All mirrors have not been cleaned.
We are extremely disappointed in Kratzmann's sales service and think that once they were in receipt of all monies we were no longer important to their business.
As newbie’s to caravan ownership, which was pointed out to both the salesman and the handover consultant, these items may appear trivial but to us this is disappointing.
Balmoral, QLD
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Great van good service. Would recommend
Diamond Valley, QLD Assisted by The Kratzmann Team
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
The process of delivery took longer than we expected and unfortunately there was a problem with The gas compartment door ,not been able to open,it was supposed to be fixed before we left,so the only disappointment was we had to take it all the way back to your dealership,which took an hour there and an hour back, The whole process took about three hours out of our day.
Alice River, QLD Assisted by The Kratzmann Team