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Westminster MD 21157

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Worst experience I've ever had in my life. My car was purposely vandalized and withheld from me because I took my business to another dealership. The nightmare started on Saturday when I spoke to Marty Levy, who was extremely rude, but got me approved at an extremely high interest rate. This was after he kept trying to get me to go to another dealership because "no one would accept my trade". After dealing with him for over 5 hours, going back home (PA) and retrieving my trade, (because he couldn't give me a trade-in value even though my truck was in their system because it's always serviced at that dealership) he gave me a buyers order so I could find my own financing. I took it to my credit union who financed me at a lower rate. I called Marty 2 days later to tell him that I found my own financing and that we could complete the deal. His response was, "You're lying. The only bank that will finance you is the one I found for you." I was shocked that this man would call me a liar. Such unprofessionalism!!! I also can't believe that I spent 8 hours on my day off to find a vehicle, drop off my current vehicle, and be insulted and called a liar. On Monday my husband went to pick up my car so we could trade it at another dealership. When my husband got there, he was told they "the manager" wouldn't release the truck to him, so my husband had to call the police to get our truck. He also noticed that there were deeply embedded scratches down the entire side of our car. THE DEALERSHIP HAD VANDALIZED MY TRUCK!!! The police made them release the vehicle because they were holding it illegally. As my husband drove my truck off the lot, the manager ran out and yelled to him, "If your car is still on this property, I'll have it towed."I can't believe how this dealership does business. I don't wish this experience on my worst enemy. When they say buyer beware, not only should you be on the look-out for a bad car, but you should also be on the look-out for horrible, sub-par treatment. You can't give someone a buyers order that's good for 30 days, then say it's no good 2 days later because the customer found their own financing, and you can not illegally hold and vandalize someone's vehicle because they decide to take their business elsewhere. My husband and I have purchased many cars and have never encountered a problem like this. I will never, ever do business with Len Stoler again. We conducted business with them since 2009 and this is the treatment we got in return. PLEASE BEWARE.
Hanover, PA