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Michele M at 888-983-3869 Life Force International , Online,
Michele M at
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Carolyn has knowledge and experience that is valuable to anyone's health. She is thorough and caring as she educates. She goes above and beyond in her desire to serve.
Mount Joy, PA
Thanks so much, Michele! I appreciate your positive input and am so pleased I can help people through what I do!
March 29th
Travis H at 888-983-3869 Life Force International , Online,
Travis H at
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
As an avid Monster drinker, I am familiar with energy drinks and their effects. I was offered to try the Kaos energy supplement in place of my traditional Monster while working the grave yard shift at my job. I accepted the offer, skeptical with how a natural energy product would work. I was pleasantly surprised by the boost of energy I got and how the effect was comparable to Monster.

The best way to describe the effect is by comparing it to something that falls between a cup of coffee and a full can of Monster in terms of its effectiveness as an energy supplement. While it was lacking in taste when compared to a beverage you would drink solely for the flavor; it was by no means "bad" tasting and entirely drinkable.

I live and swear by Monster, but I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the Kaos energy product and would recommend it to anyone wishing to avoid the artificial sugars found in Monster or any other name brand energy drink.
Mount Joy, PA
Thanks, Travis! I appreciate your honest evaluation and willingness to help others make their decisions. Here's to healthy, happy waking moments!
July 16th