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14011 Saint Francis Blvd
Ramsey, MN 55303

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I had a horrible experience with the owner Jenna. She is unprofessional and treated a repeat customer with nothing but misplaced assumptions. When I tried to explain the wrongfully assumed situation with my dogs myelopothy disease (degenerative spinal condition) instead of getting compassion and understanding she responded with disrespect and unprofessionalism (raised her voice, used hurtful words, and hung up on me). Although my dog is in fact nearing the end of his life and we are going to have to make that difficult decision sooner than later, he has always loved haircuts and currently has a very good disposition. I thought he might enjoy one last trim. I was told very harshly "that is selfish" (exact words no paraphrasing). She also stated that "grooming is very stressful for dogs"  (an untrue generalization). Our sweet people-loving dog just happened to defy this misguided generalization. He has always been happy to go everywhere else. If that's the case for all the dogs in her care I think that should be very concerning. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone.
Side note: Jenna I talked to my vet and his veterinarian said if he enjoys grooming and shows little stress that it is fine to bring him in under his specific circumstances. I will happily bring him elsewhere where he can feel loved and appreciated.