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In October 2015 I had went to the Medina Auto Mall to look for a car because a good friend recommended this dealer to me and also recommended I see the sales Manager Doug Masterson. I traded in a Honda Civic 2003 for a GMC Terrain 2013 and I was given $2000.00 for the trade. After a few months of driving the Terrain I wanted to exchange the Terrain for one that had AWD because I knew it was a better feature to have in a place where it snows more than half of the year. I contacted Mr. Masterson and told him my concern and he told me to stop by the dealer to see what they could do.
After a few days I go online and I chat with someone from the same dealer and I tell him how I would like to exchange my Terrain for one that has AWD and he also tells me to stop by the dealer. What I found strange was that after a spoke with Mr. Masterson or chatted on line with someone from the dealer I never heard back from any of them neither through email or phone. I thought they were not interested in my business so I went elsewhere to try to exchange my Terrain. I went to another dealer and like expected I was bombarded with emails and phone calls from the other dealers trying to get my business. I went to the other dealer to try to exchange my Terrain and to my disappointment the dealer said they could not offer me what I wanted because the Terrain had been in an accident according to Carfax and the value of the Terrain went down. Needless to say I am quite frustrated because Medina Auto Mall where I bought the Terrain never gave me a Carfax for the Terrain nor did they ever disclose to me that the Terrain had been in a previous accident. Had I known this before, I would have NEVER bought the Terrain.
I immediately called Mr. Masterson to ask him why this information was never given to us or a Carfax was never shown to us and he stated “that information was on the internet”. I responded to him “ I never looked on the internet because a good friend recommended us to come to you and I had all faith that the recommendation was a good one”. When I went to the Medina Auto Mall Mr. Masterson tried exchanging my Terrain for a lease which is not what I wanted to do. He treated me with disrespect as if I didn’t know what was best for me and as if I didn’t know the game he was playing.
I then contacted the General Manager Mr. Lou Kaltestein which then passed me along to another salesman that knew nothing about my situation with Mr. Masterson. When I speak with the new salesman he tells me that he will give me a deal that would make me very happy. Once again I felt cheated and disrespected because they were trying to give me a car that was much more expensive than the one I was paying for. Do they really think I don’t know my math? I didn’t ask for a brand new car I just wanted to exchange my Terrain for another used Terrain that came with AWD. In fact I even saw that they had a used SUV with all the features that I wanted in their lot and I asked why not offer me this SUV and they wanted to cheat me by offering me $3000.00 less for my vehicle then they would have given me if I took the new SUV. I know my math and that wasn’t a good deal and there was no customer satisfaction as far as I am concerned. I tried to contact the General Manager Mr. Kaltestein several times after that day and until this day I have not received an email or phone call from him. I feel that I was deceived and taken for granted and that they committed fraud since they didn't disclosed to me the Carfax or even told me that the SUV had been in an accident. Unfortunately, the problem remains unresolved. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed.
Cleveland, OH