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Very easy purchase experience, found the exact vehicle I wanted and I got a really good deal on it.
Houston, TX
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Mossy Nissan is horrible - worst purchase experience ever! Took my son's car in on Tuesday July 5, 2016 to have the windows tinted and brought an issue to their attention that my son wanted addressed. There were spots on the radio screen that wouldn't come off, this Altima was 10 days old. I spoke to the Service Manager Joseph Gonzalez which told Ivan Clovis to look at the radio and to take care of it. Ivan told me that the radio would need to be replaced as the issue was behind the screen itself. Ivan fed me some bs as well as gave me the runaround. Joseph told Ivan to order a new radio and to schedule the installation for Saturday July 16, 2016. I asked for documentation in writing that showed the radio was being ordered. I sent an email to Joseph & Ivan on Monday July 11, 2016 to confirm that the radio would be available for installation for Saturday July 16, 2016 as scheduled. Neither, Joseph or Ivan responded to my email. Ivan called me within 5 minutes of receiving my email to tell me that it would be 2-3 weeks before the radio would be in. I asked why I was lied to & why he had made me an apt for July 16, 2016 knowing it would be 2-3 weeks. Ivan had nothing to say - I ended up hanging up on him. I sent an email to the General Manager David Hruska (same person that responds to these reviews) and to this day he hasn't responded either. Mike Hruska did call after I filed a Complaint with the VP of Consumer Relations of Nissan North America. Mike Hruska is the Service Director of Mossy Nissan - Mike made excuses for the whole Service Department and told me that the radio had NEVER even been ordered as Ivan was instructed to do. Wow - TOTAL Surprise! Mike also told me that the radio would be replaced with a refurbished radio rather than a brand new one! This car is brand new! You're NOT putting a refurbished radio in this car when it came from the Factory Brand New and is a Nissan issue! Mossy Nissan is putting the blame on Panasonic when in fact it's Mossy Nissan that is screwing us over! It's always easier to pass the buck rather than own up to the BS that they're pulling!

Mossy Nissan of Houston is a nightmare! Mossy Nissan runs a complete circus and lies to their customer's. Mossy Nissan doesn't pride itself in Customer Service and could care less if the Customer is Happy or Not! Mossy Nissan is a huge SCAM!! Buyer Beware!!! Do your research - don't buy a Nissan but if you must, definitely find another Nissan Dealership to purchase from. Don't give these clowns your $ - you'll regret it!!! This has been the worst purchase ever and we regret ever giving these idiots our business!

We have filed a Complaint with the BBB as well as a Consumer Complaint with the Attorney General.

We will NOT STOP until Mossy Nissan of Houston takes responsibility for their issue and replaces this defective radio with a brand new radio - and we don't care if this radio has to be taken out of another brand new car! You're NOT getting away with putting a refurbished radio in my brand new car that's now less than a month old. Seems that Mossy Nissan would rather deal with the bad reviews, complaints, etc., rather than just doing the right thing!

Mossy Nissan definitely doesn't know what "Deceptive Trade Practice" means!
Sugar Land, TX