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Dundalk MD 21222

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Took my 2004 Honda Accord in for a check engine diagnosis. Normally don't ever go to the dealer, but I was told by 2 different mechanics that this was a gas tank pressure issue that only Honda could fix. I took it in and asked them to please only do the diagnostic as I wasn't sure if i wanted to put anymore money into the car or if I wanted to get something different. After being there for an hour, they informed me that my car would not start at all and it would cost $845 to replace the starter...

I felt as if i had no choice but to let them fix it since they said it couldn't be started. They claimed they did an evap test after the starter was fixed and told me my gas cap was just loose (this had already been checked and was not the case). They also put on my invoice that they replaced both airbags that were on recall. This was miraculous considering the service tech told me the parts wouldn't be in for a few weeks. And more amazing than that, as part of their courtesy inspection, they rated the tread on my spare as good, yet nothing in my trunk was moved.

At the end of the day, they treated me like I was an idiot, made me feel inadequate for being a woman and got me for every red cent they could. I will NEVER go to Norris Honda again.
Baltimore, MD