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I have never been one for writing reviews, however, I was profoundly disappointed at the lack of professionalism displayed by the team AND Rick the owner at Northeast Motors Inc in North Hampton, New Hampshire. Never in my life have I, or my significant other been more disrespected and mistreated by a group of people I was supposed to trust. Everything went well at the beginning of my purchase, despite having to pay for a costly inspection just to be told that a list of things needed to be fixed before I could take the car home to Maine. After leaving the car in New Hampshire for another week to have the parts put in and proper fluids changed, I finally got the car by driving back to New Hampshire. Skipping forward a week or two I noticed my coolant was abnormally low . . . and I just filled it the day before. . . this is when I called up the dealership, multiple times After being told I would be called back three days in a row. . it didn’t happen. So, once I finally called back a little more aggressively, I set a date for the following Friday ... Now, being a full-time college student and a part time nursing assistant, it is extremely difficult for me to find time to drive 2 hours to New Hampshire, and I had to call out of work just to get my coolant “checked” and be told it was fine. . . no one checked the coolant. After another day of spending $60+ on gas just to drive there and be told NOTHING, I went home.. and I was increasingly more upset. To spare the annoying details of calling back and forth and not getting a single answer, and wasting my time when I could be working or in school, skip ahead another week. At this point, I had spent nearly 150-200 just on gas to go back and forth because no one properly looked at my vehicle that was STILL UNDER WARRANTY. I had the right to be a little aggravated because I had to miss countless days of work that I couldn’t truly afford. After driving back to NH yet again, they finally looked under the car and realized, yes, something was wrong, but they didn’t value my opinion as the customer. My radiator had a hole in it and I had been driving it unaware for weeks. . . I looked at the car myself and I discovered the plastic bottom was filled with fluid. The part was ordered but no one cared to contact me when it came in, and the warranty ran out in just two days... I was running out of time to get the car fixed and they were hoping to get money from me when the warranty was no longer applicable. So, after calling and speaking with both an employee, and the owner Rick, I was told I had to pay for the radiator to be put in. I was broke and had already spent so much money driving there, the warranty SHOULD cover all repairs because I did not put a hole in the radiator in just 30 days . . . it was like that before I got it. At this point I was so emotionally drained that I could not speak on the phone without crying so I asked my significant other, who co-owns the vehicle with me, to call the dealership. Becoming more agitated himself, and I spoke my mind and was told by Rick to “shove the radiator up my ass” and if I went there, I would be arrested. . . I was completely bewildered by the behavior of this man and he was now ignoring my calls. After contacting the North Hampton Police Department, I was told I had a trespassing warning on Northeast Motors, and if “I stepped on the property, I would be arrested.” I’m an 18-year-old FEMALE nursing student in college, what would I do to threaten them?? I did not verbally threaten them, I just questioned their judgment and became agitated because they were now ignoring my calls and refusing to put the radiator in. After speaking with the police, I was told they would send the radiator to the nearest AutoZone and I could never have contact with them again. I would never recommend this horrible dealership to anyone seeking a car. This was my first car and now I’m stuck with a car from a dealership that I can never contact again because of the trespassing warning.
Auburn, ME
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Dealer sold us a vehicle & inspected the vehicle knowing that it did NOT pass inspection and was UNSAFE to drive. Dealer refuses to rectify situation
We bought a 2006 ford explorer Eddie Bauer Edition for about $9500 from Northeast motors in North Hampton, NH from on 3/4/16. Their inspection station ID is 2825. Decent price, was what we were looking for, they are local and delivered to us, and it even came with a NEW NH State inspection sticker. The first 2 miles that I drove it, the check engine light came on. Called them immediately and they said there was nothing they could do until they talked to the owner. The owner had the secretary email to bring it back and they would pay for HALF of the repairs. Brought it to our local garage and they found numerous things wrong with it totaling about $2000 in repairs. Local garage said it should have NEVER passed inspection as it was unsafe to drive. I had driven it with my 2 kids in it already. The brakes and rotors are horrifically bad ~ not road worthy. The ball bearing in one of the tires is gone ~ another safety hazard that shouldn't have passed inspection. One windshield wiper is broken ~ another reason it shouldn't have passed inspection, As it shifts in to overdrive, it severely bucks which our mechanic says means a bad spark plug and it is a big job to take the spark plug out of these things. The bushing on the serpentine belt is bad causing the serpentine belt to slip and needs replacing. Parking brake can't be used because of the highly degraded brakes and motors. Our garage gave us written statements for all of these things (which we gladly paid to have a full review) and we supplied to the owners of Northeast motors and they respond with "We are in business to make money NOT take cars back". Sound like good customer service? We literally drove the car for about 25 miles and parked it and they won't take it back. They offered to do the repairs but only if WE paid for half of them? Their warranty states that they will do work on the vehicle but will only pay for half of the services. So they buy used vehicles and sell them knowing there are issues and then when the customer comes back to complain, they offer to pay half. What incentive does the dealer have to fix the vehicle before selling or be honest when selling when they can sell it, get it back, and only pay half of the repairs? My biggest issue is that they sold us and put a valid inspection sticker on an UNSAFE vehicle. My kids were put at risk. This is not the only complaint about similar things that this company has received. The customers need to be protected by these liars. If the brakes failed or the bearing seized up, my kids could have been seriously injured. The owner that we talked to is named Kurt and he just kept saying that they are in business to make money, not give money back or take vehicles back. Our garage said that there is no way that they couldn't have known these issues had they down a proper inspection. They are knowingly putting people's lives in danger and are not willing to rectify the situation. This was a $9200 vehicle, not a $1000 piece of junk. We now have to put another $2000 into it, to make it safe and road worthy. None of these issues were disclosed. We trusted that the vehicle had a thorough inspection and it was safe to transport my children. It was not. These people need to be held accountable before someone is seriously injured.
Do yourself a favor and SHOP ELSEWHERE!
Northwood, NH