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Nunawading, VIC 3131

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1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
A dealership that you CANNOT TRUST, based on my current, personal experience, then this is the dealership for you.

1) Signed agreement for new car, still waiting to get the car after it was due to be delivered a week ago
2) Been waiting to resolve issue and delays, caused by the business manager
3) As a result, considered voiding the contract. Business owner is the only person who can authorize that decision, who had been away. Was told I would get call the following Monday. Monday came and went, no call.
4) No response to follow up emails and text messages
5) Limited to No communication after contract is signed, emails are ignored and promises to call me to resolve the issue had not eventuated as stated, unless you keep following up.
6) It appears that fundamental information is deliberately withheld from customers to gain profit when arranging financing
7) Forced to make a last-minute decision (day prior to delivery) on financing, take it or leave it approach. I declined.
8) The Business Manager has not followed responsible lending disclosure obligations as set out by ASIC (legality?, will leave that to the professionals). Will file a report of misconduct with ASIC
9) Principal of dealership got in contact with me and apologized, agreeing that what happened was not ok. Offered to review our deal as I was about to walk away from the deal, but he never came back with an offer.
10) Based on what happened, lost all trust in the dealership and requested information about voiding the contract.
11) Now the fleet manager wants to charge me the standard cooling off cancelation fees when his staff has caused the delays and issues.

Still don’t have a car, can’t go out and buy a new car until this contract is dissolved, delay after delay. Save yourself some trouble. Go to a responsible dealer!

Will update this review with more detailed information as details unfold.
Heathwood, VIC
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Jess' customer service was outstanding. My overall experience wouldve been tainted and average had it not been for the genuine service and care I had received from Jess. I felt like a valued customer in her care. She went above and beyond and was always prompt with her responses, my family members are looking to buy also and i will be reccomending they contact Jess when theyre ready as i trust she is genuinely concerned for you as a customer. She did Customer Service RIGHT!!
Cardinia, VIC
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Chris was excellent from the second I stepped into the dealership. He really understood and took onboard everything I wanted in a car and found the one which suited me best. He wasn't pushy, he took his time (8 hours I believe) and made sure I was happy with my new car. Even after purchase, he's assisted me with all my enquiries and looks after me every time I come into Hyundai. Highly recommend, I'll definitely be going back to him when I'm ready for an upgrade!
Blackburn, VIC
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Big thanks to the team at Nunawading Hyundai for the fantastic service especially Terry who made my experience an enjoyable one and got me the best deal possible. Love my new car!
Calder Park, VIC
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I would not recommend this service centre. Was told it would take 2 weeks just to look at the car. I have a 3 year old Sante Fe which had a cracked gear box took 3 weeks under warranty. No loan car and had to hire a car now $850 out of pocket. icare is just as bad with no service. Had to have the car return when another knocking sound came just 2 weeks after getting it back. Again to 1 week to get it in.
Vermont, VIC
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Hello, I bought your dash camera and parking sensor last month.The quality is very poor and the price is too high. I heard your aftermarket girl took a bribe from the supplier . $120 for dash camera , $100 for parking sensor. Also, your aftermarket girl Paula working for the supplier Nu-line as a part time . It's unfortunate that you employ such people.She is sacrificing your interests and making money for herself.
Brentford Square, VIC
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Went In today with my daughter as she was looking to buy a car I was absolutely shocked at the service by both the man and woman salesperson and was told it was a $20 dollar fee for a quote and brochure I think the manager needs to look into there weekend scam absolutely appalling
Badger Creek, VIC
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Their customer service was fantastic.
It was an absolute pleasure dealing with the team at Nunawading Hyundai. Great Price too!!!
Love my new Hyundai.
Collingwood, VIC
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I just had the worst experience there just yesterday and today I would say I had the best experience only because of one person Harry. So after the terrible experience yesterday Harry gave us a call today and convinced us to visit one more time and give them another chance. I would have to say I didn't regret. Finally I got my car with the best price and came out of the place with a big smile on my face. All thanks to Harry for his wonderful service.
Chadstone, VIC
2 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Went to this Hyundai showroom for Hyundai Elantra 2017. Liked the car and was up to buying it. But the service of the manager was extremely poor. We began with a negotiation and in the end we agreed to their end of bargain. Ultimately in the end the manager was not agreeing to the price that he previously said. The sales person who was serving us was extremely scared of him and was continuously suggesting not to talk with the manager. We were determined to speak with the manager but he was very rude and not interested. That's not you serve your customers. I would highly recommend not to go there.
Chadstone, VIC