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Peninsula Pet Clinic 1450 W 25th St , San Pedro, CA
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On January 24th, 2019, I brought my beloved pet ‘Punky’ to be put to rest at Peninsula Pet Clinic. The decision to put my loved one to rest was difficult, but seeing him in pain was even more difficult. The process did not take long, and it appeared to not be painful for my ‘Punky’ which was the most important thing for me. Peninsula Pet Clinic offered me two options regarding ‘Punky’s’ remains. The First was a communal option for $82 that included the Pet Haven Cemetery to pick up his body and cremate him and then spread his ashes over a rose memory garden at the Pet Cemetery in Gardena CA. The second option included a private cremation where the Pet Haven would cremate him and then return his ashes to me. My family and I decided option one was best for us and we paid the 82 dollars along with the other fees for a total of 271 dollars. Thirteen days later on February 6th, 2019 the Peninsula Pet Clinic calls me to pick up ‘Punky’s’ remains. I was confused about why they had his ashes when I opted for the option to have, the Pet Haven spread his ashes on the rose memory garden. I explained this to the receptionist, and she seemed surprised and told me she was going to verify they did not charge me for the private cremation. She then proceeded to tell me that they only charged me for the communal package and that it was a mistake on the Pet Havens Cemetery part. She then informed me that I could come pick up the ashes whenever. I told her I would drive right up and pick them up immediately. However, not long after I received a phone call from the office manager Diana Martinez explaining to me that I could not pick up the ashes because she had to call the Pet Haven Cemetery first to figure out the situation. She told me she would call me back the next day with further information. A week passed by and I still had not heard back from Diana, so I called the office to speak with her. The receptionist informed me that she was on her lunch break and she would call me back in one hour. Two days later still no phone call from Diana, so I called the office back. The receptionist over the phone informed me that I had to pay an additional fee for his ashes. I expressed my frustration to her and told her I did not believe that I should be charged for a mistake made on their part. My brother then got on the phone and explained to the receptionist that we were tired of getting the runaround and that we were going to pick up ‘Punky’s ashes without paying because that was a mistake on their part and they should be the ones to fix the problem. He also told her to tell Diana not to bother calling us back because we made our minds up and we're going to pick up his ashes regardless. Soon after we got a voicemail from Diana where she stated, “I believe you wanted to speak with me I know it’s regarding ‘Punky’s’ ashes; it appears you do want to take them so we can talk about a FEE for them SURE... My brother called Diana back and expressed to her our frustration with the entire situation and the fact that she had not returned any of our phone calls. Diana explained the reason she did not call me back was that she could not get a hold of Mike the owner of Pet Haven Cemetery because he was on “vacation” and she also went on “vacation,” and they kept missing each other’s phone calls. She also explained that it was out of her hands and that only the owner Jill could make financial decisions. We told her that we wanted to speak with the owner and she stated that she was going to call the owner and explain to her the situation and tell her that we now want the ashes for FREE, which she repeated several times. I felt that she was insulting and completely disregarded our feelings towards the entire situation. She was making it seem like we all of a sudden changed our mind and wanted to get ‘Punky’s’ ashes for free instead of paying the additional fee. When in fact I could care less about the money it’s the principle of the matter and the fact they were not taking accountability or showing genuine remorse. At this point, I was fed up and told them I would pay the additional fee for his ashes. Today February 19th, 2019 I went up to the Peninsula Pet Clinic and paid the 80 dollars and picked up ‘Punky’s’ ashes. As I was in the office Diana was completely rude and did not even bother to apologize to us. I left the establishment feeling like i wanted more answers on what went wrong, so i called Mike at the Pet Haven Cemetery. He had no idea what was going on and was shocked that they charged me an additional fee! he called the Peninsula Pet Clinic personally and explained they should not be charging me for their mistakes. Soon after the clinic called me back saying they made a mistake on charging me and they had my refund. I feel like they could have easily avoided all of this if they just would of took accountability! Please stay away from this establishment they are unprofessional and liars and only care about the money!
San Pedro, CA