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1 Star Rating
Overall Experience

My car is BVT93M Toyota Corolla and was serviced on 7th July 2017 on Phill Gilbert Toyota service lidcombe, I mentioned to Joe in the morning that the right jet washer was weak.

I picked-up my car on 8th July 2017, Joe was busy and I was served by another customer service person and he only mentioned what has been done to my car including replacing the jet washer but did not mentioned about ordering the extra part. I don't believe he was the regular customer service, I know this for a fact that I've been servicing with Lidcombe service centre since 2011.

Couple of days later after I picked it up, I was surprised to know that both of the jet washers are now pointing lower than it should be.

On my second visit 17 July 2017, I was told that the service centre has been waiting for my answer to order the 2nd (left) jet washer and I need to get my car back for the third time. Peter believed that I was supposed to be advised about the information.

I'm now waiting for the call back from Toyota Service Lidcombe.

These are the reasons I think that Toyota Phill Gilbert does not really appreciate that I have make a time to get my car serviced and making the most of it.

1. Waiting for weeks for my washer jet to be fixed. The fact that I left my car for a day and picked it up the morning after still didn't give you enough time to get the parts in Sydney is quite surprising. I also did not receive any call from Joe asking for permission but I guess I've made it clear that I want my washer jet to be fixed.

2. I have to arrange quite a few things to just bring my car over for service and the fact that I have to do this three time due to minor issue is quite annoying.

3. It's really hard to book my car for service on Phill Gilbert Toyota service lidcombe as I have to wait at least 1-2 weeks for the next available slot. It actually works for me if I only do my regular twice a year service with you. But with special circumstances like this, it is really making it more difficult for me to find time.

Could you please explain:
1. Why was I not informed about the fact that you are waiting for my consent for replacement part?
2. Why can't the extra part be ordered and fixed within a whole day service?
3. Why no one called me knowing that I'm returning to service within couple of weeks while I stated during the booking that the jet washer still not working?
Berala, NSW
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Eduardo Esteves was very professional and has a great respect his Customers. We were well informed throughout the process and the transaction was handled very well.

Once again keep up the great work at Phil Gilbert.
Berala, NSW Assisted by Eduardo Esteves
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Good quality and fast service
Harris Park, NSW
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I were booking for service by phone...
She already told me I got 20% off for labor and part I will pay $390...
But when I pick up car and pay...
They told me I have to pay $440...
When I drop car in the morning...
I saw paper work show 20% off on the first line...
So many time I got the bad experience from here...
Berala, NSW
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
The service is good but one thing I'm not happy about which is the car is not washed; it is not do clean outside.
Fairfield, NSW
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Good service with friendly staff.
Newington, NSW
4 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Good service. I satisfied
Merrylands, NSW
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
James was a great salesperson !
Newington, NSW Assisted by James Stavrianos
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Always pleased with the service and ''tis time with lift home and later collection to get car. Lovely clean car on collection thank you!
Newington, NSW
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
They are friendly and kind.
The service was on time.
Thank you.
Denistone, NSW