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My wife got rip off by Chevy Pride in Lynn MA. They charge $139 for 10 minutes just to look at your car and tell you whats wrong. $139 to diagnose a leaking radiator hose is ridiculous. They wanted another $340 just to replace a $20 plastic radiator hose. We went to another trusted mechanic who actually fix the issue and replace the hose for $80.
Revere, MA
1 Star Rating
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Okay Lynn Pride Chevrolet (aka The Worst Experience I Have Ever Had).
Hello my name is Johnny. Just a little bit about me I have only lived in Boston for 3 months and I served in the military for 12 years. I’m telling you this so you know how Pride deals with people new to the area and most importantly veterans. So first off I hardly ever do reviews but this place definite deserves the time it will take for me to sit down and write a review. I’m writing the review to warn people about this place so that they do not have the same experience my wife and I had, which was the worst service I have had in my life. I started doing my car research online and I came across Lynn Pride. My wife and I found what we thought was an amazing car. A grey Chevy Cruze, from the pictures looks great and even talked with a lady at the dealership to make sure it was still available. After making sure we could buy the car we picked, we filled out the application online, and the dealership offers to come pick us up. The salesman David said, “I thought you might want to drive your new car back to the dealership.” At this point I was confused as he pulled up in red car and I asked, “Why this is not the car we wanted.” He wanted clarifications on the car that we wanted and suggested that we go to the dealership anyways to check on the car we originally wanted. So we get to the dealership the salesman goes and finds the car from the back. It literally has body damage all over the driver side and the car is filthy (looked like the dark interior had been bleached) and I say, "We are not taking this car because it’s filthy and has body damage.” The salesmen say, “What? Where?” After a couple of hours of back and forth my wife and I decide to take the red car (which also has body damage on the front bumper and they had to keep the car for two days to fix). After we decide we want this car we agree to put $1,000 down. As we are filling out paperwork, we were being rushed out. We were consistent in telling Dave (our salesman) that I did not have work, and that my wife was the only one currently employed. We were being rushed to sign and we were practically being shoved out as we signed the last page of the agreement. So we get the car (after the bumper was fixed), we have it for three days and we start to get phone calls from the dealership. They want more paperwork. I go in not knowing what is going on and I bring in the paperwork that was requested. The Sales & Leasing Consultant, Eric tries to be helpful and asks me where the proof of my income is. But apparently someone didn’t put the correct information on the paperwork they submitted to the bank. So Eric says, “Okay well the bank cancelled the deal because of income. So we need to come up with more money down, or we’ll take the car back.” I asked if we would get our deposit back and he said yes. So I asked Eric to give us a few days to figure out how to come up with more money. Eric understood and was letting us drive the car without actually owning the car. So far they are trying to help us out, right? Well then things take a crazy turn. So my wife and I can’t figure out a solution to this problem. We can’t have co-signers, and can’t come up with even more money than we initially agreed to. So I go to take the car back. Just to keep in mind: my wife and I have been dealing with all of this in only five days. There was so much stress in my house. As I know anyone that would have to go through this would be extremely stressed. So now we our frustrated, unhappy, stressed, and sad because we had to give our car back. All because of the lies submitted to the bank, when they gave us a car knowing full well that we didn’t make the income they claimed. I go into the Pride Lynn Chevrolet dealership and meet with Eric. I let him know that we couldn’t come up with a solution. Eric being a salesman asked what if they can do this or that and I say I just want to give him the keys and get our deposit back. Eric says, “How convenient for you.” Convenient is not the word I would use to describe this ordeal. Eric goes on and says, “Oh, we can’t give you your money back, because we lost money on this deal too.” I’m trying to control being upset and settle with, “Oh you poor babies.” Like really? The poor deanship is losing some money on a deal after everything my wife and I have been through? Then Eric very frustrated raised his voice and says, “Give me the keys, I’m not dealing with you anymore. I have worked hard on this deal.” So then Eric rushes over to some other staff member and says loudly, “Get this fucking guy out of here. I’m done with him. Take the plates off the car and get him out of here.” I was shocked, this was on a Saturday and they had at least twelve customers plus staff, and he said this in the middle of the showroom. It has been about three weeks and we still have not received our money back. All of the communication between us and the dealership on trying to get the money back has been me calling them, not them checking up on me. And the General Manager John that was supposedly helping me is no longer at the company. So to surmise: found the car we want, but it had body damage. Took the other option that we had, put money down. Someone submitted fake information, we were rushed out not being able to review documents. Returned car, was cussed at, told this was convenient, and still don’t have our money back. I knew this was going to be a long review but I just want to help others, and make sure no one else has this experience. Save some time, and sanity don’t shop at Pride. So if you want a stress free and a great experience go to any Herb dealership. They took amazing care of my wife and I. Don’t be like us and go through the nightmare of dealing with Pride.
Malden, MA