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5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Thanks Puente Hills Nissan and Alex Lim for finding the perfect car for me, I fell in love with the Juke, perfect size and fun car! Thanks for the great deal and great service, I highly recommend Alex, very professional and not pushy, hard to find these days.
Hacienda Heights, CA
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Ok so I've waited 30 days to write my review. I felt I needed to reflect on the purchase and the staff and yes after 30 days I still feel this review is warranted and hope that it will be helpful to the next customer or victim that walks into Puente Hills Nissan. Dealing with a Sales team that is dishonest is the worst experience a consumer can walk away with. Let me share a few mistakes I made. Do not arrive at 6pm , because if you decide to make a purchase it will take hours and you may be there to 11PM. The sales person will definitely take advantage of your fatigue. Do not believe what the sales person tells you. Do your home work, and then make the purchase. Do not believe the Salesperson lies. The fake Sale personality is all about the sale and the lie. My sales person was Anthony D'Acosta and team. Let me start at the beginning of my nightmare - After a 10 days a received a letter from Puente Hills Nissan Finance dept. stating they were canceling the sales contract because they were unable to assign the contract to a financial institution and that I needed to call and arrange to return the car. The letter is signed by the Finance Dept. Puente Hills Nissan 626-626-2600. Based on the letter, I attempted to contact the Finance dept. and for 3 days but no one would take my call or return the call. Finally after 5 attempts on the 4th day the Finance dept. was available by the phone. The Mgr./Associate by the name of " Fergis" was sarcastic and laughed at me over the phone when I explained the letter. He said , " ignore the letter, throw it away because they are working with a 2nd bank to finance the deal:.He also added " our office sends the same letter to all customers but most people ignore it ?? My question is why draft a letter to the customer if it is false ??? He also added that within the last hour they found a financial institute to accept their contract deal they sold me ?? Well that just didn't seem correct to me. So I was forced to leave work in the middle of the day to discuss the letter and further actions. When I arrived I was ignored and wanted 25 minutes for the Finance dept., to discuss the letter, but was told He could not help, or answer a few questions I had on my purchase. He referred me to my original Sales Person Anthony D'Acosta. Mr Fergis confirmed D'Acosta was available and would address my questions, take a seat and he would see me shortly. But D'Acosta never surfaced. I waited but Mr. D' Acosta refused to see me. After several intercom pages and waiting they directed to another Sales person, that said D'Acosta was not available. By this time, 1 hour later I was so upset by their continued unprofessional rude attitudes, the run around and their lies, I left the store. My final attempt was to reach the second sales person that worked on the deal, he listened and referred me to the General Mgr. He listened and apologize as a Gen. Mgr. is expected to do. However, nothing more, never a follow up with my concerns and the unsatisfactory complaint with his store. In addition besides the unprofessional dishonest Sales Staff there were a few other misleading details from D'Acosta as follows
They offered specials on a 2017 and then they could not find a 2017 so they offered a 2018. Of course the specials did not apply to the 2018, but they don't tell you that, until you review the contract. Do let them force you into "the $900 package" - the car care package spray treatment for paint and upholstery. They tell you it comes with all cars ?? Not true, the choice is yours. Do not believe it when they tell you they will " pay off your lease". All they do is add the remaining lease balance to your new purchase loan. But they do not tell you that until you see it on the contract. I was hesitant about moving forward with the purchase because of the several misleading details and was ready to walk out BUT they offered a cash rebate and they would tinted the car windows. Well all they did was remove the rebate from the sale and then offer the cash rebate in 30 days. Another sneaky move. All they did was move numbers around. The buyer still looses. In addition, when I called the next day to schedule the tint they acted like they didn't know what I was talking about and suggested I come back to the store. When I arrived they attempted to tell me I missed understood and I got the rebate instead. FALSE ! They may have made me feel abused and stupid but I am not deaf. The rebate is offered by Nissan. The Sales person and Closer throw in the tint in to sweeten the store deal because I was walking out. Oh how I regret not walking out on those monsters and taking my business elsewhere !! One small note - If you are accustom to Boise sound in the Nissan, don't be fooled by the sales person. The sales person lied about the quality and a second sound system option, to make the sale. Do not believe the sales person when they tell you your insurance premium will be less on a purchase then a lease. Not true ! Only true if you decide to drop your insurance coverage amounts. The bottom line do your homework, ask sales to write it on paper, don't take their word on anything, look and read every line of the final printed contract BEFORE you sign. Don't be afraid to walk away if they continue to mislead you. The Salesman D'Acosta and the contract writer will take advantage of the Consumer. Listen to your instinct, " if it smells rotten, it is rotten !" Walk away until you feel you have found a trustworthy person with integrity instead of just a slimy car salesperson. Oh wait this is the icing on the cake, there favorite line or LIE is "if it was my Mom or family member this is what I would sell them " Omg .. my prayers go out to their Mothers.
Hacienda Heights, CA
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Crystal went out of her way so that I could drive off the lot that day with a purchase....hard work pays off because I finally got the car i wanted. Cheers.
Hacienda Heights, CA Assisted by Crystal Elnaeb
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Will work with you in the price :thumbsup:
Hacienda Heights, CA Assisted by Thomas Bautista