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After I lost my baby Gracie to cancer we were devastated. She was everything to us. Our other dog and baby lost her best friend. My kids cried for months. I started looking around and reading up on different dog breeds. We live in town and so we didn’t want a dog that barked a lot or too hyper. Which is a big change because our Gracie barked at everything. Again I did my research on the best breed for us. Having an older dog I wasn’t sure a puppy would work for her. So we looked at adopting from a shelter or an older dog from a breeder. I’ve adopted three dogs from shelters. One my mom now has because she was snappy with my kids and small and had lots of health problems. Another one we had from a shelter also had behavioral problems. He peed on everything nipped at my kids and took off everyday. I still tried to work with him but having a baby and two toddlers it was too much. We took him to a farm with a retired couple. He is now 14 and still doing good there. So that’s why after countless dead ends at the shelters and with puppies I went and looked at I stopped in at pups n stuff. I was greeted warmly by Dustin. Who was excited showing off his new baby Doxin. I told him about Gracie and how Cloe was and what I was looking for. There were only two puppies in the store at the time. Two males. I was actually looking for a girl. I’d had bad experiences with boys. So I didn’t even want to look at the puppies but he said just hold them and see you never know. The first one was a morkie. He was cute but very hyper and barked a lot. The second was a shy fluffy teddy poo. So cute and curled right up into my neck. I knew right there he was the one. It was as if he chose me. He was calm and gentle. I told Dustin I’d be back in a few days to get him. I put money down on him. I had just kinda thought oh wow I haven’t had a puppy in 10 years! Darcy kept in touch with me the next few days answering all my questions before I came up get him. When I came to get him they gave me instructions on what to expect and how to take care of him. You can really tell they love and care for these puppies and treat them like babies. He was up to date on shots and three times dewormed. The store is very clean and family friendly. The staff was all very welcoming and happy to help us take home our new baby. Cloe our other dog loved him right away. It was as if she was a different dog! She was playing with him and do hsppy and excited. The first few days Rocky our new puppy didn’t eat and so I had to give him sugar water. I took him to the vet and they said he seemed healthy he was probably just missing his family. The next day I figured out his problem he wanted his own dish so he could eat when Cloe ate. After that we had no problems. In fact he’s been in hotel rooms and camping and never had an accident. I’ve never had to kennel him once. The only thing he chews besides his toys and bones is paper and cardboard. He rarely barks and is very loving and stays right by your side. I recommend them. I still keep in touch with them and keep them updated on little Rocky. I tell everyone to stop in and see them. If we ever need another puppy we will go through them!