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1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
At this point I cannot say that I could recommend this store to anyone. Over the last 5 days, I've dealt with the most ridiculous and unprofessional staff that I have ever dealt with at a dealership. AND I worked (past tense - I'm not a competitor) in the car business for 20 years and have owned over 40 new cars! If I were to take the time to go into great detail, you likely wouldn't finish reading this.

The crazy thing is that I had my brother bring in my company's service van for repair and the General Manager (we have pictures) actually rated my brother's 1 star yelp review as funny.

Are you kidding me? He actually takes humor in a negative review? Do we amuse him? Who in the heck does this guy think he is? Is he confusing himself with Robert Deniro or someone with the actual testicular fortitude to deal with customer heat in person?

Good grief...... What a joke...... and in my opinion, a coward. How is it that the General Manager, who has been given my number, can't come out of hiding and address this situation with the decency and respect of a personal touch? I feel bad for his middle men. These people that have to "tell the customer this, and tell the customer that....." Get off your royal throne and visit the light of day, you pompous shadow!

I recommend anyone that is reading these reviews to look at the Yelp reviews on Redlands Ford. This review system isn't fully accurate, does not tell the bigger picture, and good luck getting a hold of the GM. His lack of response to my emails indicates a lack of regard in my opinion.

Now, to their defense, we are trying to work out the repairs that need to be done - but until they are completed to my satisfaction, all I can give at this point is a 1 star review.

For the record, though...... After they charged me $60.00 for a cursory visual inspection, broke 4 retaining brackets on my rear hatch, and attempted to charge me over $300.00 for the part, the have agreed to split the cost of the part and credit my $60.00 inspection to the cost of the repair. Thank you for your generosity. That's very kind of you.

At least we were able to credit the inspection towards the cost of the repair and have the repair done at a discounted rate.

I could go on more, but I'll save that for when I pick up my service van in a week. And I assure you that I will review THAT separate process with honesty as well. My expectations are high, Redlands Ford. See you next week.

Beaumont, CA
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
The staff here was fantastic. All of them were no-pressure and supportive. Aureliano was very knowledgeable and honest and personable. We are very satisfied with our car purchase experience. Thank you Redlands Ford.
Assisted by Aureliano Ochoa
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Used Google to get address for a quote.
Assisted by Orlando Aponte
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Good guys here at Redlands ford, helped with getting me in my budget couldn’t be happier!
Beaumont, CA Assisted by Mario Miranda
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
very helpful & super nice I recommend !
Beaumont, CA Assisted by Octavio Cruz Ibarra
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Thank you for a great experience GOD BLESS
Beaumont, CA Assisted by Aureliano Ochoa
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Rene and Lax are awesome very nice. Also Tina was very informative and nice. My experience was great I love my new car

Assisted by Rene Mancia
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Very helpful and pleasant to work with
Assisted by Aureliano Ochoa
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Everyone at Redlands were really kind and
very nice to us. BB was outstanding and
went the extra mile for our unusual need.
We then spent a lot of time with Tina to sign all the paperwork. She was such a warm, kind person that we shared some
similar experiences. Everyone has been
wonderful at Redlands Ford and it was a
great experience. Thank you all
Beaumont, CA Assisted by Glenda Garcia
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Richard and Lax are Awesome!
Assisted by Richard Jerez