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7486 Beatline Rd
Long Beach, MS 39560

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There is a HUGE GASH in my sweet little yorkie's leg that they clammed was just a "scratch" I'm so mad I'm shaking! By the way they treated my dog and how the owner totally IGNORED me while I was in her presence. The owner NEVER ONCE APOLOGIZED AND CLAIMED THAT THIS JUST HAPPENS SOMETIMES.
First off, I called yesterday to schedule Minnie an appointment. Judy, the owner, answered and said have them at the Long Beach location off of Beatline Road at 9:00 in the morning.
Next morning I ask when she should be ready she said "sometime after lunch"
At 12:00 I call them to check in, at that time the women that answered said she was cutting Minnie then and they would be ready in a "little while" I ask her how long she said "2 hours" which my husband and I thought was a bit RIDICULOUS to have the dogs there for 5 hours when I the owner told me their appointment was for 9:00.
At 2:30 still no word from them, so I call them... The phone rings and rings, no one answers (Which they have caller ID I know this because the first time I called I asked if she needed my # and she said no its on caller ID) So I drive up there to get my baby.
I walk in and Minnie is on the table with the women doing something to her which I couldn't tell bc Minnie was soo excited to see me...
She says, "We had a little boo boo, Minnie moved while I was shaving her and I scratched her leg" I said let me see, I look and it is no "Scratch or knick" it was a GASH that was still bleeding all over!! I immediately started FUMING and was asking her how could this happen to my sweet girl she is so calm and you can do ANYTHING to her and she will just lay there, not a mean bone in her body. The girl apologized to me and said she put glue on it to hold the wound together, while I'm fussing at the girl the owner yells "go put some more glue on it"... (Judy-the owner-did not come over to me NOT ONE time to appologize even after she heard me get upset with the girl that cut her.)
I get Minnie back and I sit down on their chair to really exam it and Minnie cried when I was looking at it, I said WHERE is the owner, at that time I did not know who the owner was bc she never came up to me after all of that. The girl was crying while I walk over behind the gate to the owner while she was still cutting a dog. I told her that this is NOT A SCRATCH and I'm bringing her to the vet to get stitches.
She said, "it probably won't need stitches, this just happens sometimes". I told her i was not paying. The girl that cut Minnie started to cry and apologized numerous times, which I UNDERSTAND accidents HAPPEN!! BUT what REALLY MAKES ME MAD is the way the OWNER COMPLETELY IGNORED MY PRESENCE AND IGNORED THE GIRL THAT WORKED FOR HER WHILE SHE WAS CRYING and DID NOT apologize ONE TIME or offer me not to pay for Minnie!!!!!! shows what kind of person she is. When I was leaving the owner smart assingly said, "have a good weekend, bye" as I slammed the door.
My dog is the sweetest calmest girl and there is NO REASON why she should have been put through that!!!!!
I went to the vet down the street from the grooming place and was going to pay $41.00 to have Minnie seen and he looked at it and said, yes it could use stitches, but the location of the cut is not good for stitches bc it will continue to split open. He did not end up charging me an office visit (probably bc he seen how upset I was that this happened to my baby.)
***PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT take your pets to "SHAGGY CHIC PET GROOMING" in LONG BEACH!!!!! Avoid them at all costs!!!!

——-Oh and this place does not ask for your dogs shot records either!!
Long Beach, MS