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5031 Avenue O
Fort Madison IA 52627

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Bought a used car with 30K miles. Everything went fine until the warranty was over. Bought a transmission that lasted less than a year.  Six months later transmission  fluid was leaking all over the driveway. Charged 600 dollars for new hoses. Maybe they should have  been inspected when the transmission was replaced. At 11 months  transmission  making a banging noise. Sold a battery for 400 dollars. Was told the banging  was a suspension part. Within 30 days changed  the suspension part. The negative battery terminal was covered in corrosion. The mechanic had never bothered to spray pentrating oil to loosen it up but instead drove the clamp onto the terminal while still tight gouge the brand new battery terminal. Shame I can't  upload the picture. Changed  the suspension part still making the clanging noise. Take it back to the dealer and this time the diagnosis is the 11 month old transmission is shot because of antifreeze contamination. How convenient that 30 days have elapsed from their misdiagnosed repair to when the transmission would no longer be covered  under warranty? Now  they are telling me to buy a new transmission.
West Burlington, IA