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1710 N Expressway
Griffin GA 30223

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BUYER BEWARE! DO NOT USE SPEEDWAY FORD (GRIFFIN) I thought I should let all my friends know about an experience I had with a Ford dealership, Speedway Ford dba Griffin Ford Sales located 1710 N Expressway, Griffin GA. We went to this dealerships service department back at the end of Nov. for them to inspect a used car from another dealer we were looking to purchase. It took them 3 hours to finally look at the vehicle. We were told they would do a full inspection over everything in the car so that we knew what we were getting. The cost $75. I went and looked at the car while they were doing the last part. They came back and told us that brakes and tires look good and everything else is good, just a few minor issues and they listed them. We went back and bought the vehicle from the other dealership with the assurance that this inspection should have provided, based off what we believed to be an informed inspection. After this, a few months later we found out that they had not done an inspection as promised and gave false information. My brakes were at 1% they would have noticed that they were low during this inspection but we were told they were great. I was watching them do the inspection they never took off the tires, which now i know that means they never really checked the brakes. I am not a mechanic so I did not know that at a time. We also ended up having to have pay for other parts that were not discovered, but would have been during an inspection. Also, belts etc were dry rotted. This company lied to me about the inspection, charged me for it and there lying to me cost me a good deal of money. I called and spoke to Rusty Bowman, the general manager as soon as all this was discovered at the beginning of March he said he would look into it and would contact me back. He pulled up the invoice right then. I could get no response from Mr. Bowman at all. I hired an attorney a month later to get my $75 back in an effort for them to apologize and make it right. However, Mr. Bowman played games with both my attorney and I. He said my car was never seen there. And kept badgering us for receipts we sent a letter from my bank showing the charge from them.. Then he turned around and said that they did nothing wrong. Since they did not inspect my car that the invoice only said they checked for an off/on issue. Which was not true. Their invoice clearly does say it was an inspection. He has refused to provide the owners information saying its none of my business. His secretary called me a brat. All of this is on tape..He told me just to sue them. I kept calling for the owner Thomas Johnson but was hung up on and put to Rusty instead of them answering the phone, they just transferred to Rusty. He has refused to admit wrong doing OR give a refund without stipulations. I dont want my friends ripped off by a company that lies to women!
Mcdonough, GA