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5 Star Rating
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Amazing service !!
Highly recommend over competition dealerships !!
Thanks Leigh Storti !!
Golden Grove, SA Assisted by leigh Storti
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent
Brahma Lodge, SA Assisted by Sarah Mackintosh
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Thank you for all your help
Mawson Lakes, SA Assisted by Sarah Stephens
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Sarah Mc Intosh was superb. She went beyond to make the sale stress free and has a great personality and drive. Sarah was able to answer questions and had fantastic product knowledge.she knew from 1st contact I liked the acid yellow/green and spend time on the computer to look up where the color was available if I was not going to achieve to get floor stock. A+
Assisted by Sarah Mackintosh
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Sarah made my first car buying experience worth while. She made me realise that buying brand new car is the best decision to make. Everything ran so smoothly. Definitely recommend Hyundai Ingle farm team. Thank you all.
Assisted by Sarah Stephens
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Sarah was absolutely lovely and will be recommending her to other people wanting to buy a car!
Green Fields, SA Assisted by Sarah Stephens
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Sarah was very helpful and very professional :)
Assisted by Sarah Stephens
1 Star Rating
Overall Experience
To begin with, I must state that my complaint is not with my Hyundai vehicle or Hyundai Australia. I have owned three Hyundai’s and no doubt I will buy a fourth one. They are a great car. My complaint is with Stillwell Hyundai Ingle Farm.

Details of this are as follows,

I booked my vehicle (which is still under warranty) into Stillwell Hyundai Ingle Farm for an inspection of the vehicles braking system as I believed that there was a fault with this. My belief was supported by details present in the vehicles owners manual, discussions with other Hyundai vehicle owners and an intermittent brake warning light illuminating on the vehicles dashboard.

I took the vehicle to the Ingle Farm service department and on arrival, it was obvious to me that they were totally “snowed under”. I offered to reschedule the inspection but this offer was refused. I advised the service attendant (Daryl?) of the braking system fault and the intermittent brake warning light.

Later that day, I returned to the service department and was advised that Hyundai Australia Technical had been contacted re the matter and had stated that the vehicles braking system was operating as it should be and that there wasn’t a fault with the system. I disputed this and pointed out the details present in the vehicles owners manual, the service attendant became agitated and advised me that Hyundai Technical would be re-contacted regarding the matter and that he would be contact me (by phone) re the outcome of this. I have not heard from him (to date,10 weeks have passed).

Due to my concerns about the operation and safety of the vehicles braking system, I had the vehicle inspected by another Hyundai Service Department who advised me that Hyundai Australia were aware of the brake issue and had “in fact” issued a Technical Services Bulletin (TSB) re this. The rectification of the issue was a simple matter which was carried out “then and there” and my vehicles braking system now functions as per the manual.

It would appear that I was totally misled by the service attendant who dismissed the issue as the normal operation of the vehicle’s braking system. I also doubt that Hyundai Technical were contacted re the matter as the TSB had been issued and was readily available to Hyundai Service Centers.

I took the time to write to the Dealer Principal at Ingle Farm informing him of this matter. Several days later I was contacted by Annoula Kordovoulos from Customer Relations Ingle Farm who advised me that she would be investigating the matter for the Dealer Principal. To date (20/09/16) I have had no response re the outcome of the investigation (in spite of me emailing her twice).

All in all, this would have to be the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I believe that I was misled and brushed off by the service department, and brushed off by both Customer Relations and the Dealer Principal. It would appear that customer service and customer relations are not what they should be at Stillwell Hyundai Ingle Farm.

So where am I now with this matter,

? I’m still waiting for the service department to contact me (as they promised),
? I’m also still waiting for the customer relations department to contact me re the outcome of the investigation that was to be undertaken for the Dealer Principal.

As for me, I’ve decided to have both of my Hyundai vehicles serviced elsewhere….,
Modbury, SA
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
Sarah was excellent. She took the time to answer all our questions was very patient and accomodating to our needs
Lobethal, SA Assisted by Sarah Stephens
5 Star Rating
Overall Experience
I had a Great experience very easy to deal with
Fairview Park, SA Assisted by Sarah Stephens