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1041 W Highway 25 70
Newport, TN 37821

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To say I am FURIOUS is an understatement. I bought a van from Stinnett Chevrolet here in Newport on September 30 2017. I drove the van 6 DAYS before it started tearing up. On October 11th it would not start AT ALL. I called the dealership and they told me to bring it out and they would get it fixed for me. I got it out there, they kept it for 2 weeks then said it was the fuel pump. It was covered under the extended warranty (yes I bought the extended warranty in case something like this happened). I was told that i had a $200 deductable. After talking to Terry he agreed to split the cost with me since I drove it less than 2 weeks before it messed up. I picked the van up after I got off work October 25th. Drove it straight home, parked it, got in the next morning and .... Guess what? I wouldn't crank AGAIN! I called and raised cain, they came and got it on a row back. This time they kept it 5 WEEKS then called and said it would have to be sent to a Volkswagon Dealer ( now one of the selling points for this van was even though it was a VW it was the same as Chrysler and their mechanics can work on it). It would have to be sent a VW dealer, I would have to pay to have it towed and what they THINK MIGHT BE WRONG WITH IT would cost $3000 and they would not guarantee that would fix it. Mind you I just went in debt $14000 for said van with a warranty I was told would cover what I needed. Stinnett Chevrolet refused to help with this cost. They refused to find me another van to trade into. I even did the research and found a van I wanted, all they had to do was get it and I would buy it from them to keep them in the deal. I was told they couldn't get a vehicle from another dealer because that's just not how things work. Finally we had had enough. We went to Stinnett Chevrolet November 22nd, my husband told them if they wouldn't fix the van and they wouldn't find something to trade into then they can just have it back. He then threw the payment book at Terry ( the sales guy that refused o help us), Terry picked up my payment book and walked off. He turned around and shook the payment book at us and said, I quote " alright now we are done" end quote. And he walked off with the payment book. We took that to mean the deal was done and the van was theirs. But no. I get a call last month from the credit union I had it financed through saying that i was behind on my payments. WHAT? I told them that the van was the property of Stinnett Chevrolet. I was told that the van was still in my name so I was responsable for it. WHAT? So I called Terry and told him that he needed to take care of it because they were saying I was responsible for it. He said that he would call them and let them know it was a REPO!! He hadn't done anything! It had been sitting out there this whole time! I had already bought something else ( the same van I tried to get him to get for me). I asked Terry why the deal just couldn't be unwound? I was told " our deal is already done so there is nothing he can do. " LET ME INTERPRET WHAT HE SAID " WE HAVE ALREADY GOT OUR MONEY SO F*** YOU". So today I get this letter, apparently the van was repo'd and sold for $2500. And I owe the remainder - $13,612.90. THANKS STINNETT CHEVROLET OR RUINING MY CREDIT!
Newport, TN