The Yuppie Puppy

178 N Mcdonough St
Jonesboro GA 30236

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The Yuppie Puppy has a very kind and friendly staff. It's obvious how much they love dogs and my dog always looks forward to seeing them! They do a great job every single time!
1 Star Rating
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I wish I could rate this with negative stars!! I took her in to get a bath and a cut and they told me she was matted. First of all, she was NOT matted, her hair was tangled. Secondly, they charged me an extra $20 for a "matting fee". And thirdly, their website- total misrepresentation of their place. It's a house, not a business location. If you're planning on shaving her anyway, then how tangled her hair is shouldn't matter... Not to mention one of the women was changing her toddler on the desk as customers were standing in there. They even showed me on another dog what they said they would do (in terms of how close they would cut her). THEY SHAVED HER TO THE SKIN, cut all the hair off of her head- even her whiskers- and didn't clean her ears properly. Anytime I've taken her to be groomed, when they say they will clean her ears, they remove the hairs. Yuckie Puppy did not. If you know me, you know what my dog looks like. This does NOT look like my Zelda Louise. When they brought her out, the first thing my mom said was "That's not Zelda"!!! I am so mad I feel sick. They will absolutely not getting my business again. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but from now on, when it comes to finding a groomer, if I feel the slightest bit of unease, I'm leaving. This was a hundred times worse than PetSmart and I freaking hate them... At least when PetSmart "shaves" her, they leave some fur on her body!!!
Jonesboro, GA