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1. Drove 2.5 hours
2. Had appointment, guy showed up 30 minutes late, car showed up 15 minutes after that (forgot to mention 15 people standing around the center desk but no one offering to help)
3. Salesman condescending to us
4. Salesman stopped the test drive of a sports car 1 minute into the drive because we accelerated too quickly (didn't even hit 25 mph)
5. Manager could care less that his salesman lost a sure-fire sale we had driven 2.5 hours to make and spent a tank of gas on

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This was the worst car buying experience of my life. After driving 2.5 hours from Atlanta to obviously purchase a car (no, we just drove 2.5 hours to drive a car we had no intent on purchasing...), we were treated with the utmost disrespect by Joe Zegarelli. Even though we had an appointment with Mr. Spaghetti and had confirmed numerous times that we would be there at 10:30 am, we were still left waiting for Spaghetti for 30 minutes. When he finally showed up, he let us know that the car wasn't ready to test drive yet. Excuse me!!! Not ready?? How long have you had to get the car ready for us?? After waiting another 15 minutes, he finally pulled the car around to the front. However, that didn't begin our test drive. He had to go back inside to get God only knows what this time. So while we waited AGAIN for this jerk, my husband and I took turns trying out each of the seats in the vehicle. Spaghetti ended up walking out as I was sitting in the driver seat (even though the test drive was for my husband) and asked me in the most condescending tone, 'Who's gonna be driving this car anyway?" Excuse me??? Am I not allowed to sit in the driver seat of a vehicle we have driven 2.5 hours to purchase??? Especially considering my husband and I often have to drive each other's vehicles for long road trips, etc. Regardless of my reason for being in the driver seat, this should have been another clue to add to the books that this test drive was about to go awry. In fact it was. We were not even a minute into the drive before the sales guy told stated, "now we're not going to abuse this car today." What, you may ask provoked that statement??? As we pulled onto the main highway, my husband hit the accelerator. We were test driving a sports car, one that is known to have a fast rate of acceleration. The wheels did not slip, the traction control indicator light did not come on, we never even got above 25 mph. But this was apparently "abusing" the vehicle to actually touch the gas on this SPORTS CAR. He then told us we needed to turn around and that another salesperson could go out with us. Like I said earlier, obviously we drove 2.5 hours just for a joy ride. Hardly. This was our test drive, this was going to be our car, we had already resolved ourselves to paying full asking price since we lost the bargaining chip of walking away. But Mr. Spaghetti lost our business on this car and any car in the future. He had a deal in the bag and was such a condescending jerk to us, that I had to write this review. And if you're wondering, the manager was just as big of a donkey. I urge you not to purchase from this dealership. These people do not understand the concept of another person's time or money. They are inconsiderate, rude, back-woods, and downright awful human beings.
Atlanta, GA